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Ignoring not a few public service announcements, we braved the acrid, smoke filled air of L.A. on Sunday and went to "Felt Club".
For those of you unfamiliar with Felt Club, it's a huge, shopping event featuring the indie crafts movement that's come to the forefront of the creative community in recent years.
With on line sites such as etsy and trunkt, it's so easy these days to buy and sell really great art. Felt Club offers a space to come see the quality of the work and get an idea for the vibe behind the movement. The line was long but moved quickly and once inside, it was a crazy, circus like atmosphere.
DJs spinning tunes, food, cocktailing, random performance artists. Much to the embarrassment of my children, I had to sidle up to Yo Gabba Gabba DJ, Lance Rock for a photo op. {because you know I'm just that kind of a, star *friender* }
one of my favorites, miriam dema, from whom we bought that really cool 'wish' print she's handing us here,
along with a great bike calendar. Her booth was absolutely packed and things were flying.
of course the super talented collage artist, michelle caplan ~below~was there {I'm not sure it would be a proper felt club experience without her booth}
and probably one of my absolute favorite etsy designers is miss natalie {oh, oops. her eyes are closed. I didn't realize that until just now. ~sorry Natalie!}
{I did a posting on her growth chart several months ago}
loved, loved these little hand painted eggs.
and a pirate supply kit! who doesn't need a few pirate supplies in their bag of tricks? I love this!!
All of her items are so, incredibly innovative, creative, beautifully designed. I highly recommend checking her out on etsy
this sign, of course, caught my eye and her work really was 'rad'. rings hand carved of different woods. gorgeous. gorgeous.
If you don't know about mahar dry goods. oh. seriously. Go right now and check out Robert's site. It's a mecca of Vintage and Artisan goods. Might be one of my top, top go to sites for gifts {especially for kids}
I'm not sure why I didn't take more photos of his booth. I think I was too mesmerized with everything. We did love these little snow globe jars:
handmade looking but so well done, that no way could you make these and have them, end up looking this cute. They come in their own little gray flannel pouch.
more cool stuff from various artists:
And of course, this whole experience wouldn't be complete without the debut of the new book:
HANDMADE NATION. The Rise of DIY, Art,Craft and Design
'the book that Chronicles the makers of the emerging indie crafts movement by the filmmaker {Faythe Levine} responsible for the documentary of the same name'
one of the co-authors, Cortney Heimerl
If you're unfamiliar with the work of Levine and Heimirl you really need to check out their work *here*


Courtney said…
what a smoking post ---- I learned about so many designers I didn't know about before and I so wish I was at this little club meeting with you. I bet it was an absolute blast!
Oh it's look you had a fun day. The felt club looks amazing! Just another reason as to why I need to move to CA.

I can't wait to look at all of those artist's site. In perfect time for the holiday season.
Ivy Lane said…
Fun post! I would love the little snow globes! Martha Stewart had a segment once on how to make those...i could see a big mess in my kitchen if i were to try that!

Looks like a fun day was had by all!
72 and sunny said…
C~indeed, smokin'!

I'm not sure I can do this event or movement justice. It's such a cool energy. Creativity bursting at every turn.
Canoe said…
Thanks so much for the very kind words, Megan! It was great to finally meet you, although things were so busy I couldn't chat too long.

What an amazing show--Jenny and the Felt Club crew did such a great job, and I'd highly recommend this show for both designers and those who love handmade work. I was blown away by all the great designers there, and how excited the crowd was. Another reason I heart LA.
Fifi Flowers said…
Looks like a FUN day indoors. AMAZING all that talent in one place. ENJOY your day! Fifi
miriamdema said…
thanks for coming by my booth and buying a few prints!
Felt Club was a blast!
~miriam dema
Petunia Face said…
OMFG! I cannot believe you met DJ Lance Rock!!!!!

Is that pathetic that I am truly excited for you?

The only thing better is if you had met Brobee. Although I was disappointed to see DJ Lance was not in his trademark orange suit.
franki durbin said…
Wow, that looks like a great time! How cool of you to cover it so well!
Anonymous said…
Looks and sounds like you had a great time. How often is felt club? I think it calls for a road trip!
Anonymous said…
I love the college artist's multimedia portrait with the Asian flare. I wonder if you're going to use the Wish poster for your daughter's tween room...
Anonymous said…
Great post! This looks so fun. Good thing I didn't make it out there, I'd have no money left to my name! I can't wait to check out their shops!
72 and sunny said…
petunia, seriously, can you believe my luck? dj lance rock? And he was just sitting there on those steps, solo. with his little 'peanuts' shirt on. so cute.

Felt club I think is just 2 x a year. There's another event coming up called 'unique L.A.' I can't wait to check it out. haven't been before.

that wish poster would be cool in a tween room, but i've got a wall of art in my office that's calling its name!
Oh MY...this looks like incredible amounts of fun!! Felt must come to NYC...MUST! Thanks for sharing. :-)
pve design said…
Oh, how I wish I was in your pocket - looks like a great show, lots of fresh ideas, and interesting finds.
Felt is such a great fabric. I want to join felt club!
Leciawp said…
Looks like an incredible event! I think my house needs some of the pirate supplies...
annechovie said…
Aw, shucks, I missed it! Looks like the kind of show I could get excited about - no crocheted doll kleenex covers, but actually really cool stuff. Great post, Megan!

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