william howard home

an unexpected bonus that comes with blogging is 'meeting' new people that share similar interests. BB8 reader, carin rankin not only shares similar interests but in turn, shared with me her newest interest; her charming new showroom, 'william howard home'.
the shop, located in hoboken, new jersey was named for her two grandfathers and carries all things fabulous for the home.
she sent me some photos to share {in case we couldn't get to hoboken in the next few} come on in, let's browse a bit.....where to begin, I love that bamboo writing desk.
great glassware, bell jars and beautiful, domed cake stands make anything suddenly seem like a speciman to behold. that mirror below is fantastico too.
and i see a few of my favorite lines such as dash and albert throws and thomas paul pillows
seda candles {i love the japanes quince fragrance in this line} i have a feeling this is a store that smells really good when you walk in.
beautiful platters from 'eloquent ink' {these are done using semi precious metals, platinum and 23 karat}
great notecards from screech owl designs
carin, i can tell you've put your heart into your new baby. it looks amazing, thank you for sharing.
if you're unable to make it into her shop, give her a call and tell her you were in there with me, she'll slip you, the 'bb8 bro deal'. 10% off through the month of december.
william howard home 138 Park Avenue Hoboken, NJ 07030 201-683-7973 www.williamhowardhome.com


Lauren said…
What a great shop! Will have to tell my friends in the area about it!
Unknown said…
Makes me almost wish that I lived in New Jersey...almost. What a great store!
Anonymous said…
How awesome to see this post! I live in Hoboken and had been waiting for it to open!

I briefly met gracious Carin about a month ago when I poked in my nose (...& eyes) in while they were still setting up and it looked fantastic even at that early stage! I should have known she was a BB8 reader!
Style Court said…
still love the thomas paul elephant pillow. everyone seems to be partial to japanese quince.
beachbungalow8 said…
i love those elephant pillows too Court!

kate you're so lucky. she has some great pieces i'd love to see in person.
jerseygirl211 said…
I came for a visit, by way of Isa. What an interesting store, I wish you all the best. I would really love to start buying some of those bell jars, something I've always wanted but never got around to doing yet.

Anonymous said…
What a fabulous shop. It is filled with such wonderful finds. Thanks for posting!

No.35style said…
Would love to check this store out next time I'm in Jersey!

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