Gum Tree

Once upon a time an Aussie boy and a So Cal girl met-up in the Big Apple, fell in love and got married. One successful restaurant and a daughter later, the family of three moved back to her roots and set up shop at the beach.
The space that they found was one of a kind. A lovely old beach house with lots of great light. The two quickly got to work, dividing and conquering, creating one side for dining and the other for buying
{this is where I come in}.
naturally fallen branch coat rack--$298 Organic cotton Je T'aime Brooklyn bag--$46
Sitting on Pier avenue, in Hermosa Beach, overlooking the water, Gum Tree's purveyors~Lori and Will Ford, have done such a beautiful job of encompassing that beachy, sophisticated, laid back vibe, this little town has been needing for SO long.
Moroccan leather poofs--$324 Sea life pillows—thomas paul--$115 Abstract pillows—hable construction--$96-145 Love pillow—Atsuyo et Akiko--$69 Striped Easter Rug---$69
the shop is set up like the beach house it is,
A living room, filled with everything you'd want for your bohemian chic, beachy {or not so beachy} home~ pillows by hable construction, john robshaw and thomas paul. Moroccan poufs in silver and gold {like little bon-bons }
Organic cotton block printed crib set—Plover Organic--$325 Chalkboard table and kids chairs—Offi--$598
and a children's section in another room with some of the cutest, bedding {that will make you the envy of your baby group}
vintage bird cage with Bla Bla birdie rattles—rattles $33
there's a great collection of books, backpacks, melamine plates, clothing, mini-poufs and more. all so carefully handpicked, and beautifully creative.
hand knotted bracelets—Tai--$37-78
and jewelry, did I mention the jewelery? throughout the shop are little collections of different designer jewelry. All beautiful.
La Compagnie de Provence hand soap--$23
another room offers lovely scarves, soaps and more personal items. The perfect place to find a special little hostess gift.
starfish napkin rings--$18 for set of 4
chan luu cashmere/silk tissue weight scarves--$179
dash and albert rugs---$28-98
jonathan adler fish salt and pepper shakers--$48
vintage paperweights--$34-38
oh, and spotted throughout, Ford has little vintage treasures for sale that she's found on her huntings.
Vilac (French toy company opened in 1911 and still made in France) wooden car--$15
If you're in our neck of the woods, this is not to be missed. Stop in, say hello, enjoy a latte and a nosh next door and soak in the beachy goodness of Gum Tree. *the restaurant side is opening {hopefully} next week and will be serving up a menu of foods, mostly, locally resourced and organically grown.
Gum Tree
238 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254


Both the store and the photos are fabulous! Were I not so far away - in New York's new icy tundra, I would wait on line outside for opening, with my feet up on the steps, drinking enough lattes to make myself giddy and feeling lucky to remember what warm days are like... wait, did I get carried away.
Be well! The Hostess
miss sunrise said…
that's all the things I love!!!! Happy new beachy year to you.....
Mrs. Blandings said…
Wish I were in your neck of the woods - this looks like a great spot.
Glennis said…
Oooh! Looks delightful. I have to get down that way soon!
Karena said…
I love the 1st photo with those wonderful poufs.The striped rugs are great also!
Kate said…
Looks wonderful! It looks perfect in fact...could be that it's 27* here or that you carry my favorite soap, but I would be your best customer!

Do y'all still own the place in NYC? I'd love to try it when we're there in May. Menu looks yummy!
72 and sunny said…
kate, the rest. is still up and going. You should stop by and visit!
Charlee said…
Yeah, we are totally there! You are right, it is what Hermosa needs!
Christi said…
i LOVE that store! i drove by the other day and used every bit of self control to not stop...this spending hiatus for one month is testing me in so many ways...self control, mainly! thanks for the post and details. wonderful work!
katiedid said…
I've GOTTA get out of this very economically depressing town I'm in and get me some beachy sunshine. This looks like just the ticket.
oooo, this looks one of those shops that I would return to (and return and return and return...bordering on stalking). Love their inventory and their story.
northsidefour said…
The forecast for Chicago today is less than zero, I ache to be sitting in their cafe having just bought a pair of fish salt and pepper shakers.
Kate said…
I love those Chan luu scarves, do they make something larger to use as a wrap? If yes, do you have them?
Anonymous said…
This looks like my kind of store! I really want that black and gold studded bracelet!!!!
Melissa said…
It looks like there is a little southern hemisphere beachy style mixed in so nicely with southern california....Nice.
Next time I come over from Sydney I will be sure to drop by.
Melissa said…
It looks like there is a little southern hemisphere beachy style mixed in so nicely with southern california....Nice.
Next time I come over from Sydney I will be sure to drop by.
Anonymous said…
I am a huge fan of Jonathan Adler's salt and pepper shakers, too. If I ever get to Cali, I will be sure my trip includes Gum Tree.

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