what did you do this weekend?

I kept it on the d.l. which means, plenty of time for skipping across the blog pond, and landing on great ones such as U.K. blogger, katja hentschel's glam canyon (via- design for mankind)
chronicling a far more interesting Friday night than I've had in...well years.
have you ever seen such concentration while working the hoop?
notes for my next party:
  1. hul-a-hoops
  2. fur eye lashes
  3. camera with a giant flash
    glam canyon: live vicariously


Sarah's Fab Day said…
I've been dreaming of rocking a hula hoop ever since I saw Marisa Tomei on Courtney's blog. I'm kinda scared, I can't remember the last time I hula-ed. :\
Ms Unreliable said…
I wish my weekend looked like that!

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