what she didn't wear

what's she wearing, what's she wearing......move the camera. come on. ok. now I can see it.
ah. beautiful. yellow. great color on her. what shoes though. God, pan down so that I can check out the shoes. oh! damn! she's seated. love that neckline. what is that? crystal? stunning. great coat. classic yet modern design. Timeless....... They're all so mellow in that family........ I wonder if the older kid is getting bored..... She looks bored.... Cute little coat..... She looks bored to tears. Wonder what's going through her mind.... "these tights itch", "I should've snuck my nintendo", "who decided leather gloves are warm?" Yes. Must be, she just stuck them in her pocket.
More fidgeting. I'd die. Let's see how Michelle handles this. ooh. nice stern, disapproving-yet loving glare. great technique M.
Lovely. oh here comes the star spangled banner....tears. more tears. love my country. sigh. Can't wait to see what she wears tonight....
While, my fellow bloggers around the blog pond are fervently scribing posts on Isabel Toledo this evening, I've decided to instead, post a few of the submissions that didn't make the cut for the Inaugural Ball.
Love this sketch. Sort of funny and beautiful. Couldn't tell you what the dresses are like.
peter som
Winter white peau de soie. So crisp. But maybe too 'wedding shoe' ish?
oscar de la renta
Very Oscar. Did you know he was such an illustrator?
koi suwwanagate
How do you choose? I've always like the look of a cashmere cardi over a ball gown.
kai milla
This pen and ink? In sepia? Love. and the dress? mwah, so in hearts with it.
diane von furstenberg
Who doesn't love dvf. Simple, elegant and understated.
betsey johnson
Oh, Betsey, you're still so whacky. Cart wheels!...but not this time.
isaac mizrahi
...Can do no wrong in my book. I'd choose this so that he would be the Elton to my princess Di.
and in the end, Jason Wu wins. ....what's she wearing, what's she wearing...... great arms, who knew......uh. wow...ok. wait a minute....um..... I'll let the fashionista blogs rip this one to shreds.
in the vein of uncle tim , I raise my eye brow, casting a leery glance over my glasses and finally announce, 'carry on!'


Ivy Lane said…
She is stunning..no bones about it!
benson said…
I thought Jill Biden stole the show- LOVE the red. I was a bit disappointed in the first lady's choices...she looks so good in the bright colors during the campaign,the purples, the fuschias. I felt the yellow/gold washed her out and the ball gown was "myeh"...not so much.Love Isaac's designs though.
Mrs. Blandings said…
Great post - fun to see all those sketches in one spot. Did you see Oscar sketch on Rachael Zoe? You'd really like to casually just slip it into your oversized bag and take it home and frame it.
beachbungalow8 said…
I did see him on Rachel Zoe. And when I saw this one It jogged my memory that he actually does his own drawings-not some lackey of his.

I sort of like how almost, dowdy and red, white and blue his design is. It's just, kind of 90s pretty. He's Oscar, who does he need to prove anything to. you know?
Anonymous said…
I was kind of meh about the ballgown, it was lovely, but she would have done better in some of the other sketches shown, especially that raspberry one by Isaac Mizrahi.

But I did love her yellow suit. It was just gorgeous and I thought the olive colored gloves with it were brilliant.

for the money, Aretha's hat totally stole the show though.

J said…
I love your commentary so much better than CNN. I liked her yellow outfit too - I thought the ties were a nice touch.

beachbungalow8 said…
i AGREE!! that hat blew everyone out of the water. Sunday best. LOVED it.
Visual Vamp said…
Wonderfu sketches!
I think she looked great, because she radiates happiness. She wears the clothes, the clothes don't wear her.
I would have liked to see her in the Mizrahi. But white is a trad color for the First Lady.
Anyhoo, darling, please go to my blog and leave a comment on one of my Obama posts. They're my memory poem, my time capsule of this moment we are all sharing and enjoying. I'd so love for you (and your readers) to be a part of it.
xo xo xo
judy aldridge said…
Michelle was born for this role. She is true class! judy
Pigtown*Design said…
Loved the yellow. Hated the white. Didn't like the strap over the shoulder, and thought it looked too bridal.
Anonymous said…
I may not be crazy about every outfit the First Lady chooses, but her look is unfailingly fresh, spirited, and well put together.
Love your blog and read it DAILY.
cotedetexas said…
you da best, did I ever tell you dat?

at first I thought she looked like a giant marshmallow, but the tv was stretched on Fox and then they unstretched it - very very weird. she got skinny instantly - did anyone else see that? very strange. I ended up loving the dress and him, boy, how sexy can one man be? he had this move, while they were dancing, he would put both arms around her. he's so in love with that woman. do you think they did the nasty the first night in the WH? I would have, with him, of course. ok, I'm NOT talking about the president! I'm talking about someone else, uhhhh, let's see, ok = I was talking about JZ!!! and Beyonce!!! hehe not really. I vote for Isaac myself - OH OH OH the little one said something about hoping it wouldn't last too long, and the older one said - it better! he's the first A-A president! isnt' that the cutest thing? I have never seen America as happy as we were yesterday - it was amazing.
Teresa Meyer said…
Laughing my booty off after reading Joni's comment..."do you think they did the nasty..." OMG, too funny!

I thought Michelle looked amazing in both outfits.
Anonymous said…
I wasn't crazy about the yellow outfit...I liked the idea of it but I didn't think the cut was all that flattering. I also thought the length was a bit frumpy...she has nice legs...I wished the dress and coat were bit shorter.

I really loved her gown. Many seemed to think it was bridal but I didn't think so. I thought it was just youthful enough (showing off her killer arms and shoulders) for her without being too sexy for the occaison.
thebubbreport said…
I think I'm the only one who LOVED the white! I thought she looked gorgeous in it. I wonder if going Oscar was too Nancy or Laura for her.

I loved the color of the yellow, but I kept thinking about how cold she must have been. I hope she's had an hour or two to soak her feet!

Unknown said…
love the sketches--all great. in the end she made an excellent choice. what a beautiful first lady we have! (i can't help but wondering if her green leather gloves from j crew have sold out yet?)
Anonymous said…
I thought she looked stunning.

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