vignettes of character

looking at and examining
every thing and every detail
in each of these.
they remind me to:
try new ideas, not fear "mistakes", embrace color and mostly,
surround one's self with 'treasures',
{ but think twice about those furniture sets }
stunning, photos of beautiful people and interiors by James Merrell


loved your 'reminders' especially the part about not fearing mistakes! does that apply to life in general, or just design? :)
Anonymous said…
Wow. What a beautiful and elegant collection if images. I especially love the fact that the lavender dresser would probably look crazy and over the top in a shop but they've made it work so seamlessly in their entryway. Thanks, as always, for the eye candy!

Ivy Lane said…
Great images! I have GOT to quit the fear of hanging my art! Love the collection in the bottom pic~
Anonymous said…
Oh I love these images. Especially loving that purple side table...where did that come from?!
DRILL said…
Every one of these pics are totally fabulous! Very inspiring!
Mrs. Blandings said…
One of the freshest things I've seen in blogland in a while. Terrif.
beachbungalow8 said…
A~ I sort of feel like the way you approach anything that exhibits your unique style, is the way you should or do approach life.

that's why your home should be a reflection of you, and not so much of an art director's at pottery barn.

Mrs b~ thank you. these images completely inspired me.
annechovie said…
I love it that you appreciate the design chutzpah in these photos and the touches of color that are so refreshingly UN-generic. So nice to see something creative and different from those "furniture sets". Thanks for posting these for us.
Unknown said…
these make me want to redecorate--not worry about what other people will think, but instead what makes me happy. they make me want to be brave.
Pigtown*Design said…
The last image reminds me of the House of Beauty & Culture's fabulous goods at his shop in London.
Blue Muse said…
Megan, I loved this! I have never seen James Merrell's work before, and it's fabulous! Everything you said rings so true - the fear of mistakes is such a killer to creativity!
Thanks for the introduction to a great artist, and for your wise reminder!
xo Isa
Anonymous said…
I love that you are reminded to embrace color! People are afraid to use color in their homes, but it really does enhance your space and your mood!!
Anonymous said…
I'm so into British things right now for some reason. Love the chaise.
chateaudelu said…
I would give my best pair of Chanel ballet flats to have that baboon painting. Anyone know who painted this?

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