earth hour

photo: martha stewart july/august 1997
8:30 - 9:30 tonight.
turn out the lights and turn on the love.


Petunia Face said…
Love this (the image and the idea)!
Linda in AZ * said…
* Some things never change if done well the FIRST TIME, like this space of 11 years ago!!! ANNND, like turning to candles & cozying up~~~ ALLLWAYS a divine experience, oui? Thanks, Linda *
Isn't candle light the best? Lovely photo!
Ms Unreliable said…
Such a gorgeous image! We turned our lights out a few hours early and caught a bus to a park on Sydney Harbour where we sat around and drank wine for Earth Hour (and a few hours afterwards too!) We were all set up with a picnic rug, candles and a few boardgames to boot! Lots of fun, we really should do it more than once a year!

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