senseless act of beauty: painting sidewalks

The art of Australian artist, Poppy Van Oord-Grainger, who spends her time painting,
teeny, tiny, beautiful works of art on sidewalks.
The older woman whose home this is, came out to find Van Oord-Grainger's work and was so touched she exclaimed, 'you are so clever. like Michael de Vinci'. 3 days later, she had her son dig up the slab of concrete to keep. She thanked the artist by giving her a gift of fresh eggs and 'cough lollies'
read about it here


Holy cow! That's talent and, far as I can tell, European. Why? Because I remember being in Europe and seeing artists draw on sidewalks - the most beautiful works. They don't do that here in small town, small state, USA. Here they litter instead. Sad, but true.
LindsB said…
That is so neat! That would put a smile on my face if I walked by it- very pretty.

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