shelf portrait

photo credit: chotda trend setter.
This photo always makes me want to be a single, fastidious male in my 30s. living in New York
vintage curiosity.
would spend hours here.
more color coding
"unlock this door right now, I smell something burning!"
book mimes.
photo credit: Susan Moses, 3dblur design
beautiful, beachy, blanched and well balanced.
photo credit: covetable designs
the new kid on the block is covetable.
these are from a file of images I've amassed. If I've used a photo that should be credited to you, please let me know and I'll promptly, do so.


cotedetexas said…
I am loving books that are covered in construction paper of some color or another. ooh - sounds like a good topic to chat about. where are you anyway??? mia.
I love colour.
I love joinery as an architectural and decorative feature of a room.
Books are a passion.
Your last picture in particular on your shelf portrait post makes me want to go out and buy more books just to be able to make such a striking feature!
The dark background sets it off amazingly.
I also like to put framed pictures on shelves as a decorative feature, to break up books and other elements.
Particularly works well when a whole room is bookcased and there is no room for images on the walls...
Mrs. Blandings said…
Fabulous. The images and that you've kept them.
mary said…
Those are amazing shelves-divine inspiration just when I am looking for more bookshelves--love that fantasy alcove.
Wonderful bookcases, I love the color blocking with books...great design and easy for clients to do and understand...
Amazing shots. I've always wanted a huge library in my house like in Beauty and the beast. Loved all these shots. I've been toying with the idea of covering all my books in kraft paper and I think I might bite the bullet and to it. They look amazing. Ok I just realized I say amazing a lot, but oh well it's true.
Waxy said…
I love the one with the arch and the built in seat!
Ooooh one photo is more beautiful than the next! I'm falling in love with color coordinating books!
wow - really love all the ideas you've put together. My fav is the one with all the teapots.
Shandell's said…
I love my books, they are all my friends from different times of my life. These are all great, everyone of them. The color themed ones are my favorites.
Ann said…
These are really good images of shelves...The first one really got my attention and I kinda feel inspired to color-code my books and arrange them in a fab way as the first photo.

Thanks for sharing such amazing images.
vicki archer said…
I love all these images and 'shelf portrait' says it all Megan. xv
krista said…
i am so in love with color coding of the books! and those pictures put my own color coded shelves to shame.
i'm totally going to start combing the used bookstores merely for color now, i just know it.
I'm such a sucker for an arranged-by-color bookshelf.
Richie Designs said…
the corner book shelf makes my heart sing every time I see it. orange, grey white everything so nice and tidy...hubba hubba

your photo: I would spend hours here...looks like a place that was here in Downtown Long Beach for years called Acres of Books. It was truly spectacular, a whole city block of little scraggily book shelves stacked to the brim. Stacks everywhere, dusty, dark and filled with paper stories.

Sadly, they went out of business just a year or so ago. That little gem is gone now.
oOoOO said…
Bookshelves beget a visual narrative of the lives of their authors. There's perhaps no better way to get to know another, except I do think shoes and medicine cabinets communicate quite profoundly as well...
Love the "unlock the door" caption...too funny! I have the perfect room for a library in my just need the funds to turn it into that dream library in my head. ~~~sigh~~~
beachbungalow8 said…
susan, I think you may have been the only one who got that! it looks like a bedroom that might smell like bong water.
Tiffani said…
I love the collection of tea pots, that is my goal!

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