that necklace! as seen on party honoree, trisha.

A lot of you emailed me that you'd like to know where Miss Trisha, found that great necklace. First of all, let me tell you Trisha is one of those people who is always, always perfectly quaffed and perfectly-outfitted, so it was no surprise that she'd turn up with some fantastic, noteworthy piece.
the necklace comes from Anthropolgie
I bought it in yellow - after much hemming and hawing and deciding that I just have too much in the beautiful sea green- although I'm not entirely sure that I made the right decision.
But they're all so beautiful, I even liked the white. Turns your old jeans, t-shirt, some summer sandal uni, into a stylin' little ensemble.
'Stormy Sea Necklace' - $48.00


hi megan

when i was seeing the pics of the eyes were stuck to the neckpiece that trisha was wearing...but somehow, i never thought of asking you....but i am so surprised and happy to note that many of the readers also liked it and thank u so much for the info....
erika said…
thank you! i was wondering myself!!
Clare said…
I think the yellow is a great choice. I'm not much of a yellow girl, I generally feel it washes me out, but I have a large lemon yellow beaded necklace and when I wear it with navy or dark grey I get tons of compliments. It really looks sharp.
beachbungalow8 said…
you know, I never wear yellow either-or rarely, but this one works.It's not too bright. It works really well with blues too.
Jessie said…
OOoh, I saw this in person over the weekend and it is even prettier than in the pictures.

The yellow is DEFinitely my fave. :)
wow this is a tough one... they're all such great color combos!
Waxy said…
Those are so pretty - I would take any color!
I was about to buy it in green last week and didn't, but I think I must go back now. They are so delish I can't take it.

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