Found, while in New York, in the deep recesses of a winter coat I haven't worn in a million years. I , blindly, fumbled with this all week assuming it was an old match book or something. Finally I pulled it out of my pocket and unfolded it. An original business card from Alessandra Branca's boutique in Chicago, circa 1990 something.
I remember going into this shop everytime I'd visit, and keeping the card because it was so cute -with its hand stamped detailing- and because the store was an absolute favorite of mine.
My friend Joni asked me, if I ever met her while in there. You know, I want to say 'yes, I did' because I feel like I do remember a cool/chic looking blonde woman being there when I was. But who knows, probably wishful thinking.
I'm just relieved to know that apparently I had much better taste in some things, than I remember having, in 1990 whatever.
**btw, I did email Alessandra the scan above and she replied :
"Yes, that was my store on Rush!!! Brings back great memories to me too to hear of it. I miss it sometimes... Thank you again for including me on the blog... Happy New Year!!! A"


this is beyond cool. makes me want to finally dig through those kate spade handbags or even an old coach i never threw out. love those unsuspecting personal surprises (tray-zures).... although i'd probably just find an old taco hut chit or something.
Mrs. Blandings said…
I pretty much always remember your having good taste. There in the periphery.
northsidefour said…
My pocket hoarding makes Jack crazy but I love pulling out the winter coats every year to find what treasures may have been left behind. And this is a wonderful treasure, and a beautiful place.
Too funny, yeah 1990 was a tricky year for some! (like me!!)
Renae Moore said…
What a great it!
I tagged you on my blog.
Dumbwit Tellher said…
Fun story. Almost as good as finding a fifty in your pocket!
Karena said…
It is exciting to come across special finds, a photo in a book, money tucked in a jogging pocket etc.
Megan you have great taste!
beachbungalow8 said…
ya, I have to admit, I sort of like finding the 'free money' in the pocket better than anything else.
Splendid Market said…
I love finding a great find (memory) like that in a long lost coat pocket!

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