peace out


Gwen Driscoll said…

Hey! Have a great weekend. Tell me where I can find out more about your Blog Out Loud event in San Fran. Is it something for just local people or an event worth traveling for? I really feel like I need to connect face to face with some bloggers to learn a little more. Just let me know.

Loved the LA post. Being familair with almost every shot, it was fun to see LA sans activity, like on a History Channel's show. I used to love to fly until I had children then I felt particularly vulnerable. It still is not my favorite thing to do but now that my kids are older, it is better but I still pray and visual angels holding up the wings like from Disney's 'Angels In The Outfield.' Silly, I know, but we all do what we have to. 2 shots of Jack before noon would be so ugly. ;)
Megan, these are just wow images, I cannot even imagine the hours put into these creative works!!

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