A few things that have been sitting on my desktop....
The Porthole Bathtub by Water Monopoly can be made without the portholes, but then what's the point. Perfect for a kid's bathroom.
I don't know why I need to have such an obession with boots when I live at the beach. But when I saw these boots I was stuck at.... 'um.WHAT?' they're spectacular. By Chloe.
P.T.A. members: don't just stop with the road soda cups turned backwards spelling out M.A.D.D., you're giving up a chance to create art! {think: safe suburban tagging} Add a few fancy serifs and you've stepped it up a notch- from ragehaus
I rully, RULLY love my Marc Jacobs, petal to the metal sasha bag. The little bird hardware is a great nod toward a vintage tattoo art. And the cement color kills.
Playboy, in braille November 1995. Brown and bumpy hotness. Removed from ebay- for having "Mature Audiences" content. I know... what?


wow, that Marc Jacobs is killing me - gorgeous!

Too funny, braille playboy with 'mature content'
Karena said…
Megan love the Sasha bag, I hope that bathtub is not sitting on your desk! :)
You are right. Of all my years at the chainlink fence, I never thought to step up to the plate. :)
Anonymous said…
would you believe i bought that bag in october and LOST it?

Brittany Stiles said…
Love the boots and the bag. You have such great taste. I love checking in with you to see what new finds you have found, and I'm never disappointed! Hope all is well, have a great weekend.
Karena said…
Oh yes, the playboy in Braille, I had no idea!
beachbungalow8 said…
thanks Brittany, what a nice thing to say, and so flattering coming from you.

um, JHG...Excuse me? you LOST it? wtf?
ok, the only caveat is that the bag has many many maybe too many pockets. I lose my phone all of the time.
Wonderful inspiration, but I must say, those boots, oh, those boots, now I think I have a new obsession. :) xo
Alyssa said…
I heart Marc Jacobs too. My fave.
Thanks for the post!


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