johnny be good

Photographer, Johnny Miller's work, makes me want to crawl into each one of his shots and call it home.
I dug a little further into his site, and found these photos of letters between his parents when they were first dating.
Besides being so charming in content and beautifully shot, It turns out I actually have something in common with this Brooklyn based, Johnny Miller.
He grew up in the small town of Lawrence, Kansas where I went to college. To some of you this is a 'who cares' and Larry what?
but when living in L.A., unless you're a college sports fan, nobody it seems, knows what or where K.U. is.
So, whenever we find a fellow Jayhawker, we get a bit too excited. In the mean time, how about that chippendale chair with the aubergine fabric mixed with the brass Arco-esque lamp.....add a bit of olive and celedon green? yum.


Karena said…
Megan, Here's to another Jayhawk Fan! Great feature!
Woah ... wait a sec, you went to KU? I did, too! Graduated from WSU, but still, small world.
Great images, and anyone that styles a cello into the frame is ok by me.

Coll little coincidence, being a small town girl myself, i know how that can make you think 'yeah, wow'
SGM said…
My heart skipped a beat when I saw that Lawrence postmark. Rock chalk!
Roxy Te said…
I love handwritten letters and I love his photo of old school envelopes!
Leigh Chandler said…
Rock Chalk Jayhawks! Stunning photography! I went to his site and fell in love with his work, or should I say art.
rock chalk from over here, too!!!


(love these images, btw.)
mary said…
That chippendale chair paired with the brass modern lamp and reflected in the mirror is absolutely amazing. The flow of energy is so positive.
beachbungalow8 said…
ok, do you see how this works? Seriously all roads intersect, begin whatever in Kansas (or Missouri)
If I throw one mention out, we all come out of the wood work.

Poor Johnny. I emailed him, all excited that we had this "THING" in common. he responded with a very low key (or at least that's how I read it) 'yes. I meet a lot of people who have Kansas connections. Thank you for the post.'

Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Mother Truckers.
Janel said…
I finally traveled over here to read your blog -- steered from Mrs. Blandings, and the first post I read is about Lawrence -- Rock chalk Jayhawk. What fun. All my little Jayhawks live out there under the Hollywood sign, leaving Mom and Dad here in Kansas -- glad to hear there's more jayhawks around.
Mary Bo Berry said…

I went to KU too! How cool! Graduated in '83. I haven't been back since but would love to go.

Rock chalk Jayhawk!

Anonymous said…
Isn't work fantastic! I used to work with all the time! We want to see you in LA! Let's make plans!

Eddie + Jaithan
Brittany Stiles said…
I'm not a Jayhawk, but I still really liked this post! Such cool photos. Hope all is well!

WOW, what stunning images. Every single one of them transported me to a happy place, especially the mood/colors and texture of the 1st w/ the floral arrangement. Thanks for sharing this talent.
Kerry Pitt-Hart said…
i know where k.u. is! we love lawrence! hmmm, maybe we'll make a day trip there this weekend. love, love johnny's work, and his first name too. sort of related, but does anyone know who did the clustered glass light on the table next to the two turquoise vases? i've seen this twice today alone and want to know more about it.
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Doris said…
hi, does anyone happen to know the origin of the artwork in the first photo (typography)? i'm looking for something similar and i'm having a tough time. any help would be greatly appreciated!

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