oh.... mai

Schumacher & Co. along with stationer, Dempsey and Carroll has teamed up finding more uses to wind 'Imperial Trellis' into your life. Are you like Miss, little green notebook, and love yourself some Chang Mai Dragon, long time?
Load up on this luxury line stationary. And if I were you, I'd take it up a notch and have each card custom engraved with a coordinating color. Almost kills you to think someone would open this and toss it.
* on second thought, I feel certain that Miss L.G.N., has been cutting and pasting a color copy of some Chang Mai Dragon fabric she's had laying around. In fact, they probably got the idea from her.


Marija said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE this. It might actually get to write something with a pen instead of my computer! After pouring over endless books, my daugher chose CMD paper for her room and I couldn't resist. If only I was half as crafty as Jenny I might be able to just make these with the scraps I insisted on saving!

Great find!

Chic Coles said…
I want the Imperial Trellis ones! They are fabulous and calling my name.
Glad someone else has a thing for envelope linings! :) Beautiful!
Really nice - crushing on the dragon personally.

Amanda said…
Oh gosh. I never get tired of Imperial Trellis. I'm addicted. Along with everyone else!
Anonymous said…
They are gorgeous! It is so nice to receive beautiful stationary, and I can never throw any away, it would be such a waste!
Gwen Driscoll said…
These are so precious! Was just at Schumacher last week. Love them all. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are well.
Lia said…
Beautiful...I love finding pretty surprises where you least expect them!

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