Monday the mal content

this is not Monday {see how relaxed and inwardly peaceful she seems?}. This is Lea who owns the following apartment and the web shop, Butik NO, which carries, happy things for your happy life.
If Monday was a person, I wouldn't like her very much. She'd be an officious, stick in the mud that refused to loosen up. She wouldn't be nearly as efficient as she fancied herself to be. Her posture would stiff. So would her clothes - sensible, cheap fabrics in navy and browns {but not in a good way} nude hose and edema swollen ankles. No, I wouldn't like her.
I'd be laughing at someone's office door, as I recanted a funny moment from the weekend, and she'd walk by, all pinched face and disapproving, pausing briefly so that I understood the full extent of her disapproval, before clicking off, pantyhose swishing, little gray cloud trailing.
I'd probably feel a little guilty because I wasn't doing what Monday really expected of me- setting aside the fun, and getting down to work. Monday would have framed platitudes lining her office , 'failure is not an option', 'FOCUS' and 'sweat is the cologne of accomplishment'. I wouldn't like her. Monday probably even wants to get me fired for bringing my joie de vivre into the week. Still bouncing with my weekend buzz, appreciating all that my weekends remind me: slow down and smell the proverbial roses.
Hope your Monday doesn't take the wind out of your weekend sails. If she does, stick with me, we'll look at happy, floral, danish interiors, stand on cool retro chairs... bare foot and definitely laugh about life just a little.
all of these very cool, un-Monday like images are from Indenfor & Udenfor.


Miss Dot said…
and she would be one of those people that leave notes in the office kitchen like...
"Your Mother doesn't work here, please do your own dishes"

and.. when set a task at work, she would finish it hours before it is due and then spend the rest of the time saying how easy it was while we all sweated away trying to get it done....
she would take credit for your ideas in meetings!
oh I could go on and on :-)
love your story.
mary said…
Well--you definitely started my Monday off with a smile. Love the colors.
Mrs. Blandings said…
Please stop telling me that you can't write. I'm on to you.
soodie :: said…
i'm loving that frig wrapped and laminated in some type of wrapping paper!

my grandfather's tacky wife did it in the late 70s, but it wasn't the same as this.

and i 'm with mrs B. you are hysterical writer -- you focus in on the things other's can't see.
Chic Coles said…
This was so fun. We do not think we would like Monday either.
jamaica byles said…
Love her style.I blogged about Lea a few weeks back too......she has great style!
Now I know Monday will be just fine. This was a fun way to bring one to a close!
I do believe Monday has nearly come to an end. Screw her and her grasshopper leg sounding pantyhose.

On to Tuesday...the conformist ;)
This post made me smile and cheered up my Monday...the Olympics are over and Vancouver is almost back to normal. I miss already the great buzz we had for two weeks. Thanks for cheering me up. Happy week!
Liz said…
This made me smile...I needed something like this to read after this day. Thank you! Monday is so like that and she was especially unlikeable today. And thank you also for the lovely, cheerful pictures!
Karena said…
I'm with you Megan. let no one spoil it for us!!

Yeah Ms Monday is not my friend. She would so know if someone used the milk to make a cold drink instead of in their coffee.

Bah humbug to ms monday.
Mary said…
Beautiful pictures - love those pillows! All the colors make me happy. And the post itself is hilarious and so true. Thanks!
SGM said…
If that's Monday, then you are for sure Friday.
Fabulous writing, Megan!
red ticking said…
this is one of the cheeriest most delightful, fresh posts i have ever seen... the color, pattern, space... are amazing... xoxo
Vee said…
The color of those shelves made me smile.They are beautiful.

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