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I laughed yesterday when I looked at my last posting: "peace out". peace. out. Peaceful was not my weekend. Saturday night thirteen, 8 year olds descended upon our little bungalow for a sleep over. Did you get that? 13 people, plus two of my own all under the age of 9. The high pitch squeals and unbridled energy, had my eyes spinning within the first hour { the patience of school teachers never fails to impress me }. Keep in mind these two variables to this equation: tiny house, no yard. Holy crap. We made it and I'm only, today- Tuesday, coming out of the stupor.
I would love to continue by posting beautiful photos of a long table filled with galvanized buckets of daisies or maybe small clutches of pink carnations held tightly by vintage McCoy vases parading down the center. Perhaps each chair with a polka-dot covered slip, and a pink balloon floating above.
And a table of food, spread with varying levels of cake stands, each presenting, tea sandwiches, and artisan cupcakes, with little pointed toothpick flags sticking out of the top. Adorably themed goody bags that only the other mothers would ooh and ahh over.
but, alas, my client shot down all of these dreamy ideas and instead, asked for a grainy, sugary cake { 'a white cake' } from our local beach bakery. 'and I want pictures of the dogs on it, please'
{aww, why ya hafta go and make it so easy on me.}
So, here you go:
{All of you party bloggers, feel free to use this shot - no cred. necessary . actually, no cred please.}
The cake was devoured, sleep was had, and even yesterday my house still smelled of cheap frosting and spilled juice boxes.
Mark it down as another successful, beach bungalow bash.


Rock Couture said…
Amazing pictures! Those treats look unbelievable!
Ivy Lane said…
Gotta love it!!!!! :) Just wait..when your "client" turns 13...ooohhh boy!!!
Nice job, Supah Mom. You are so on my book's pedestal.

(i think i typed maybe five different suggestions for you and Nick and what to do with your 13 squirrely girls-donning scary masks, hiding outside or maybe telling them about the fabled Surfer Ghost of MB that has a shredded-wheat arm - but I couldn't/didn't. Next year)
Beth said…
hey, it's better than a 'jonas brothers' party or something. :) always a brightside!
Beth said…
hey, it's better than a 'jonas bros' party or something. :)
preppyplayer said…
I like Charlotte's style!
It's all about the company, not the trappings.
( unless I can have both, of course)

I am more impressed with your bravery-
sleepover? eight year-olds?
vicki archer said…
Best smell in the world...a happy birthday party, xv.
Kelly said…
Happy Birthday to your daughter -- mine celebrated her 8th birthday this weekend too! But we did it off-site this year (whew)! I've done the cute, exhausting, make-me-cranky gift bags and this year was much! easier! (As was picking up the Tinkerbell cake from the grocery store.)
yummy cake!!
Great post, I wish I could throw a party like that!
Michael Wurm Jr said…
um, the cupcake tower? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!! cupcakes are my favorite thing. i think i will see that image for real when i pass on to my next life. wow..and yum!
you lived to tell the tale! well done you.

bet your little one loves you to bits.
La Maison Fou said…
Oh Megan;
I can so relate; in Jan we hosted about the same amount of boys....
Oy Vey!
They actually are more chatty than the girls, except the high pitched scream that your ears never seem to recover from!
It is always such a great memory when a child gets their own special cake that they "designed"!

And a house full of screeching giggling little girls...yep, holy crap totally sums it up!!!
Charlotta Ward said…
My hat goes off to you! Well done!
Hope you had a fantastic time (sound like you did!).
I have a similar event coming up this weekend.. Hope I survive too! :)

beachbungalow8 said…
cup cake towers, awesome goody bags, beautifully themed tables, oh my!

As much as I wanted to get my sticky hands all over this birthday and turn it into an up-tight, overly art directed project....I let miss charlotte, do the art direction. And it was good.

But in all honesty, I'm so happy I didn't have to do a Jonas brothers birthday
Waw, love the cakes, the decorations, everything!!
Lila said…
What a beautiful spread! If it makes you feel better, my 3 year old seems as loud as 13 kids!
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets
Karena said…
Megan you did it better than ever!! What a birthday bash!

Art by Karena
Rebecca Timson said…
I love love love these images of the party tables all set up... the colours are amazing. Thanks for sharing them with me..... (I am a new follower and am now completely hooked... Ta from Australia)
annechovie said…
I loved this post, Megan. Your humor, honesty and lack of pretentious nonsense are always refreshing and entertaining. I love that you care enough to make your daughter's party about "her" and not about you - very admirable, esp. for a mom with your styling talents and creativity. Have a great Wednesday. xo
MB said…
All the pictures are lovely and cheerful. I really like the photo with the hanging pom-poms in them. Super cute.
So great. I love the cake and that it is exactly what she wanted. We are still in the Elmo stage over here....but the screeching has started. Thanks for sharing.
Unknown said…
Megan - Wills was looking over my shoulder as I was scrolling the pictures. He kept commenting, "who would really do that?" "Why would someone have all of that on the table." Then we got to the dog cake - his comment, "Now thats one someone would really want at their party."

so love 13 years old boys too

Anonymous said…
Oh, yuck on that cake! (Don't tell C I said that.) BUT, in her defense, having a cake from that "local bakery" is like a rite of passage for a kid from MB. Just wait, soon she'll be 21 and you'll be taking her across that short street to Erc's... won't that be great??
Brittany Stiles said…
What an awesome cake! If I had a daughter I probably would have forced some elaborate party decor upon her just to give me a good blog post. Yet, somehow the dog cake was my favorite photo! Sounds like she and her friends had a great time, nice work! :)
beachbungalow8 said…
anon, YUCK is right.That particular right-of-passage beach bakery is so gross. Everything tastes like it's out of the box. In a pinch, they make a descent beach sandwich when you're too lazy to crawl up the hill from the beach.

Hi J!!
ZDub said…
Love it!

(I'm saving this post because it gave me mad ideas for my porch and my birthday this summer. Not that I will actually do any of it, just in my head.)

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