spring break

you know, here's the thing, when you live in L.A. there are a lot of great little luxuries that one can get very jaded around. But one thing I don't take for granted is our close proximity to mountains, beach and desert. This week, as with many, is our spring break. So, eenie meanie miney moe, DESERT.
Lovely arid heat that has baked my skin to an even, leathery tan {not really, mom I wore 30 the whole time. mostly. }. and I won't be posting my 'Palm Springs Wardrobe' via polyvore . I have never been able to work the, "Slim Aarrons does the desert" ensemble and get proper cred where cred is due, from my kids. So I'll just post a few of photos most of us know and love.
vintage Met Home photo via xjavier. Cameo appearance of David Hicks fabric, 'Ambrosia Rose'
Tru, dat.


Unknown said…
Yup, gotta love the Palm Beach style, always a classic. Have a fabulous break!!
katiedid said…
hope you are having a blast!
The desert is a great place to dry out.

There is something special the happens there and only there. Enjoy.
Looks like a cool little spot on the globe to hang out! glad you had a good trip.
Mabel and Zora said…
Wow! Great photos, so inspiring. Thanks.

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