pouf it

Not done with the pouf craze? Here they are with a bit of granny chic thrown at them. When I first looked at these, I wasn't sure I loved them. Totally appreciated them from a fine art perspective, but that's where it stopped. But the more I check them out, the more I'm digging them. They actually have more of a Turk's Head Knot feel to them- a sailor's knot sort of thing. Beachy. And chunky. I change my mind. I do love them.
by designer Christien Meindertsma, using crossbred sheep {which puts my mind at ease} giant hacky sacks ? no, just more poufs of a different persuasion. Found these and wanted to add to the post. by designer catherine wilson.
and one more to add to the line up....thank you, More Ways to Waste Time { one of my favorite blogs-that's currently on sabbatical } for pointing me toward the CB2 knitted pouf.
On closer inspection, this looks like someone at C&B did a little knock-knock. Hate, when artist's get so blatantly ripped off by huge corporations who can copy their work with cheap labor. boo on them.


Leah said…
CB2 has a knitted pouf now for $80: http://www.cb2.com/family.aspx?c=106&f=5756. I love the ones from Europe, but they're crazy expensive.
Unknown said…
oh those first ones are adorable!
they're cool, like giant sea urchins. oohh, imagine a pale pinky grey one that would be v.cool.
Amanda said…
I love them too. I love them almost more than the morroccan ones. Gorgeous. They look warm!
Chic Coles said…
I am so obsessed with poufs..I have been wanting one for a while.
Karena said…
Megan, love the first image, great colors, and yes more of a knotty look.

Art by Karena
cotedetexas said…
excuse me, wasn't this already in the LA paper? :)

(is this the right one?)
Michael Wurm Jr said…
wow.. to cute. and so fun! i really hate stuffy unformortable modern furniture... but these are too cool and look so comfortable. thanks for sharing!
beachbungalow8 said…
shut up, joni. : ) HOW would I know, I don't read the damn, LA TIMES Home section!!
northsidefour said…
I just read Things I Love, and is Craig, that Craig? I remember the boxes, eek.

And that led me to April Fool's day and holy smokes, hilarious, again.

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