9 by design

Are you watching this show?
I had the luxury this weekend {kids gone, husband snowboarding} to watch all of my tivoed shows. Uninterrupted...while lying in bed 'till noon. That's what puts the luxe in deluxe, 'luxury' 'round these parts.
And when the premiere show of the series, '9 by Design' came to a close, I wanted MORE. I wanted the season 1 dvd set. I haven't been this excited about a design reality show, possibly ever . I love these people. They're totally INSANE. Insane on so many levels- SEVEN kids, major business risks and mad, mad, insane design talent.
oh wait, with seven kids, a tv show and a business they didn't have enough on their plates so, WRITE A BOOK...
cover of their new design book, which I will be owning.
In fact, I think I want to be them- minus about 5 of the kids {sorry little beauties, 2 is this mama's limit} and all of that , assumed, stress can be ix-nayed as well.But the rest? bring it.
Set your tivo for bravo's '9 by Design' - and let's discuss.


greetings from the child free land down under of bath robes all day and lap tops in bed while drinking cups of tea and champagne.

i too was child free this eastr weekend, but man i wish i had that show to watch. have seen bits and pieces about this clan and really want to see the show!
Unknown said…
I'm going to check it out, I think I read an article on them in the NYTimes and yes, it was fascinating!
OK. Now I want to watch this show and I never that about reality tv!!
Linda Merrill said…
We need to have them on SRT. I need to remember to record it since I missed the first epi. Or, they need to send me a dvd set. I gave away my book before I had a chance to really read it. I used it in a photoshoot and left it with my client as a little gift.
Michelle said…
I have heard of this power couple...and will be looking for it! A really great sense of whimsy and an ode to the family lifestyle in what they do. love it.

preppyplayer said…
I am looking forward to this too, missed first episode.
I am intrigued by their dynamic and am curious as to who is the design talent, him or her? Both? And they have beautiful kids, how to they coordinate that? I have five and I know what that takes... besides insanity!
Hamptontoes said…
I have not watched the show (not much of a tv viewer), but maybe I should. I do need to get that book though...thanks for reminding me! I love their design sensibilities! Fun post.
beachbungalow8 said…
this is so weird, i went to publish all of your comments and they disappeared!

hampton hostess: I think this is a great one to watch if you're going to choose any reality show {and sadly, I watch so many that I can say this with authority!}

preppy player: they both seem to be super talented. Although, My guess is that she's the rock in it all.

michelle:totally whimsical in their design sense, although so sophisticated at the same time.

Linda: already on that!

Jules: wasn't that the best silent weekend??

Hi Charlotta! happy easter to you too! Glad you're resting up from your partying hosting. you're a good mamma!
Ivy Lane said…
did I miss the premiere?? I thought it started NEXT week?? I am so looking forward to it!
beachbungalow8 said…
Ivy: you know how bravo is, they'll work a show to the ground to makes sure everyone sees it. I'm sure you could pretty much catch a replay of it any time!

I think it's going to be great though.

I'm reserving judgment on the husband until I've seen more. I just have a feeling that the wife is the rock in all of this.
Splenderosa said…
Thank you for this heads up. Looks like they rock big time. Love their 'looks'. xx's Marsha
I'm so glad you reminded me about this show. I meant to watch the premiere and forgot. I've got their book and it's gorgeous. Off to add it to my DVR schedule right now!
Rosie Campbell said…
Loved this show! They are amazingly talented and I can't wait for more!

katiedid said…
Did I miss the premiere! Rats! I have been looking forward to this! THis week for sure.
Brittany Stiles said…
DVR is set. I'm excited to check it out. Sounds like you had a fantastic Easter weekend!
Mrs B said…
Seven kids almost sent me into a head spin. I have 3 boys and find it hard to cope with the simple life I lead. They sound like an amazing family and love their style. Cant wait for the series to come to Aust.

Mrs B
StylishBird said…
I haven't seen it yet but I'm dying to! I want to buy their book to check out their work, too.
Charlotta Ward said…
Aaah yes, life is good when the kidlets and huz are happily busy away from the nest! :)
As much as I adore having my little lot around, there are times when 'luxe' has to win and mamma has to rest, recharge and revel in some down time!

Glad you had such a fab weekend and yes the '9 by design' are insane! I am a HUGE fan on all accounts!

xx Charlotta
beachbungalow8 said…
so, I guess what i saw was not the official PREMIER. I'm not sure what it was but it was an hour of bits and pieces of the season and it had me giddy with design glee.
robyn said…
Yeah cool right? I discovered them a while ago and love the book, on my table!! nice post megan : )
rikshaw design said…
this is being added to the line up!
I haven't heard of this show but I will check it out. Look deliciously FAB. THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP!
This women is inspiring... I can't wait to pick up the book...

Anonymous said…
hahaha! It CAN be done! Actually I pity those with ONE child! We have 6 kids, a huge house undergoing modern construction, Im a writer, dancer, in med school and I have a furniture shop. I love it when people are like: oh, you have your hands full! It's actually easier with more kids....and so much fun! We all surf and snowboard and travel together, etc. It's endless really, and a total blast! Kudos to them! And thanks for the post!
beachbungalow8 said…
xyq: my mom said the same thing about having more, being easier.

Although, being the youngest of that tribe I can attest to have been left behind a few times at various spots and my mother would get home and do a head count, realizing someone was missing.

I think that's why I've always been really independent.
Anonymous said…
hahaha! True about leaving them places...but usually not for long! :-) They do a great job at becoming little ducks that just follow mummy around town. I'm so glad you know what thats about! Have a nice weekend!
Jennie Horn said…
I was instantly envious of this woman when I first read about them in the Times... I want to say? I can't remember where. I have to download the episodes because I have been a lackluster tivo-er as of late. Let me know if you hear about a book signing, that would be a fun event!

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