beach house blues

Man it's been gray around here lately.
I know, you've heard me whine,
"I hate the constant sun",
"somedays it makes me feel like punching the cheery blue sky in it.s white fluffy clouds"
" I like moody weather, it suits me."
How quickly I've forgotten the actual mood altering power of a socked in gray day that seems to go into infinity. My head aches, softly in that area right behind the eye sockets. I'm tired, and would rather crawl back into bed and channel surf than do something productive. blah. Gray May, blah beach days.
..... alas and woe is my, bad-ass, little beach house.
This great, bad-ass little, British beach house was actually a battery at one time. The Seasalter beach house, located on the North Kent coast of the UK, has seen its fair share of June Gloom - but the uplifting, not-so-serious interiors make it seem like such a happy little place to be.
now excuse me while I go for a run on the beach....because I can. gratitude. in the end it's what gets you through it all.


Peggy and Fritz said…
OMG I want this house or at least stay there.
Pigtown*Design said…
love it! our beach in the uk was rumbly round stones.
Karena said…
Megan I adore this home, could move right in!!

Art by Karena
I love this house!!! Oh how I want to live on the beach! If it's possible in a home like that!! xo
Rachel said…
I hate you (said with whole-hearted jealousy).

Really?? Gray days suck even worse in land-locked suburbia, so there. ;-)
I would kill for your beach bungalow! Maybe one day I can convince my husband that Texas, while wonderful, is not the end-all be-all.

And that beach house in England is crazy!! Who knew? I would never have thought the English would have a beach house as cool and casually "beach-y" as that.
Gorgeous! I love it. You are so lucky! Looks so beautifully open and breezy!
I LOVE this house... it's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this!

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