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Thursday night blog hugs this week go out to some of my favorite bloggers:
I really love this blog. The author always has really, cool, excellent design and art finds. Every time I hop over there, I feel very zen. Almost like there's water trickling some where, as my heart rate slows and I begin to 'calm'. check it out. seriously. it's great.
over on Little Blue Deer Shari was feeling it girlie this week with a little bit of pink and strand or two of fairy lights. Thanks for all of your great comments Shar'
One of my favorite people in the world - my friend Karen has a great blog that began as a way to chronicle a summer she spent in Belgium with her famille. Her blog always has the best Vimeo finds and keeps me salivating over her gorgeous, simple, food postings.
She once had a recipe for some sort of New England autumnal libation consisting of , fresh, Maple Syrup, lemon juice and a couple of strong liquors. Yum. She's off for a Spring Break right now, but do browse through her past posts like this one for button shaped short bread. oh, and I found the fore mentioned cocktail from Connecticut here
raising colorado
I guess this one would be under the 'mommy blog' filing. But don't let that scare you. Zdub is some funny writer. I stumbled onto her by way of another blog and did something that I rarely do, I sat and read every last post from conception on.
She's married to the least Asian looking person you've ever seen (but who is half asian) therefor making her very Nordic looking baby, ASIAN. For this, Zdub is completely obsessed with all things Asian. Oh, and she has the weirdest cat/rabbit/squirrel/fox/lynx/chupacabra/jackalop animal thing that jumps from tree to tree in her back yard- which, yes she posts on.
Scout Holiday
More design inspiration. I've been reading this one for some time now. Images, galore and always some really cool 'stuff' that you haven't seen elsewhere. Plus, I really love her blog header.
That's it for now kittens. My computer was faking sick all day and made me re-upload its system or something. It was totally for the attention - as if I don't give it more than anyone else gets around here. More blog hugs next Thursday.


Karena said…
Cool Megan, will check these blogs out!

Art by Karena
SGM said…
love love love that zdub.
Unknown said…
Megan, you're awesome! Thanks for featuring Little Blue Deer and my pretty pink post, lol! I am off to check out your other picks, for sure! Hope that computer stuff works out, truly, there is NOTHING more annoying than computer problems, imo, well, maybe car trouble. Argh! Good luck with it all!

Have a fabulous day, and if you haven't had a chance yet, pop on by and check out my Catherine Deneuve giveaway! XO!
Charlotta Ward said…
Hi Megan - hope you are well and not throwing huge parties for your kids! :)
I did another one today - for Isabella. Her 4th..
Feels like I have 10 kids in the amount of parties we are throwing at the moment.. They are great little negotiators my sprogs.

Thank you for this list - I love Shari's Little Blue Deer, but found some new ones here. Am already so hooked on 'Raising Colorado' - she is hilarious! Just read her latest post on Napoleon - so great!

Happy weekend lovely. Have fun.

x Charlotta
A little late to the party, but no less appreciative. Shuper big thanks!
ZDub said…
You are too kind.

Long live Napoleon.

And Asians.

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