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"she drank too much" by danske
I've always thought it would be fun to have a miniature model built of one of the favorite homes that I've owned. When I told my girls this one afternoon, while making a pre-homework snack, I mentioned how cool it would be, and that we could recreate all of the rooms as they had been. I turned to find them both looking up at me silently, with something between a look of distrust & fear .
no, it would not be cool. In fact, it would be really creepy.
Really? so, like, it wouldn't be great if we decorated it for the Holidays?
more slow head shaking.
And, oh! I know we could even....
Mom. no. really: weird and doll house lady-like.
I laid it all to rest until my friend Becky sent me this great article in from the NY Times.
Mini modernista, Annina Gunther {who looks suspiciously like blogger, sf girl by bay} has 4 miniature houses and they're insanely fantastic and not at all creepy.
more little:
*Annina's flickr site for more photos
*Tumbleweed houses- better than a Murphy bed


Mrs. Blandings said…
Love it - the dress hanging on the door and the recycling are my favorite details.
Unknown said…
OMG, this is SO not creepy, you're right, it's SO cool. Love it, and I can tell you that if I started a little project like this, I would quickly become obsessed and our house would be overrun with miniature houses! So amazing!
annechovie said…
There is something so cool about this, Megan. Her attention to detail is amazing. That IKEA Expidit bookcase replica is esp. impressive.
Kate said…
crazy, creepy, funny! favorites are the recycling (who thinks to put out the trash in their make believe land?) and the little bookshelf from Ikea. Is there a really little Ikea out there somewhere? Maybe I would actually shop there if it were this small?
p.s. I'm a friend of Lara K in SF. I've been lurking for a while, but just now introducing myself. Your blog is great!

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