lurking and loving

This week I've been lurking and loving over here....
Nina van de Goor's blog over at Mooiedingenweblog.
Nina, a 27 year old design student who shares fabulous crafts, designs, fashion, interiors etc. all with a Dutch touch. I was particularly digging all of her bright, happy photos from a surf village excursion at a beach in The Hague
I'd love to have this image blown up, huge and hung as art.
oh, and she's a great artist as well using vintage pieces re-imagined. Check out her work {all of which is for sale on etsy}


Karena said…
Very talented! I love the whimsey of her ceramics... the plates are so fun!

Art by Karena
rosiecampbell said…
What a great find! I love her ceramics. So whimsical yet sophisticated.
The ceramics are so beautiful! Can I have them all?
27??? Unbelievable talent!

Just caught up on your bungalow post....wonderful!
Vickie H. said…
Goodness! I really love her whimsical art work....and I have never been one to lean too much toward "cutesy". This gal is exceptional and makes me dream of sweet brunch/lunch on the patio or poolside snacks in the summertime. I am bookmarking her site and I thank you so much for sharing! Oh, the unfettered joys of the blogosphere!!!
Happy weekend, Megan!

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