shoes, shoes, shoes, shoes

Just when it's about to turn flip-flop and bare tanned feet season around here, I seem to be finding shoes, glorious shoes at every turn. Check out what Gap has in store for us Fall 2010. I especially love the top row. No clue as to pricing or when they'll be available. source::refinery 29


Marija said…
I'll happily take the bottom left. Good to see Gap getting interesting! Thanks for the heads up! Marija
Michelle said…
Oh, I so want flats to come back for summer...I love these, but I am already 5'11, and I would tower over everyone.

Have a great summer Megan...happy shoe shopping :)

Momdaw said…
Yesterday I saw a very slender young woman, at least six feet in height wearing skinny jeans and three inch platforms with six inch heels. She looked smashing.
So go for it!

Sarah said…
The Gap? Wow. I would never have guessed. These are great! I am 5'10" and I plan to rock these!
beachbungalow8 said…
that's my mom chiming in with the mom advice. weird, I had no idea, that she even knew what "skinny jeans" were.

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