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It's Spring. spring into action, spring cleaning, clean it up, up with new wallpaper, down with the old drapes..... I'm getting the itch, big time, to do something fresh around here. I'm so tight with space that I have to do it all with efficiency. I'm also perpetually in the market for a new house one with a bit more room, but that's another story {even a story and a half would be better} - but I'm cautious as to how much I want to invest around here .
That said, I'm always looking for ways to get the look I want at a 'better' cost. Enter my image files of 'this for that'. In this file resides images of all kinds of ideal spaces and their cheaper version, counterparts.
Living in a home built in 1947 whose sole intention of function was as a summer beach house - there is virtually NO storage { '40s+summer+vacation+beach= minimal clothing and material possessions } And so I dream. I dream in these images culled and pulled from magazines.
One of my many closet images is this one from Laura Vinroot Poole's creatively put together home { domino 2/07 }
Laura has taken a room in her home and transformed it into a walk-in. Nice, isn't it? That's great, but it's not happening around here. We all need what personal space is available. Nobody's giving up a bedroom.
But while I'm dreaming, I do love a wallpapered closet. It's like the house version of beautiful expensive, matching underwear - when you're not dating nor married. It's there for your eyes only.
She used the Osborne and Little 'Asuka' which has that lovely foiled, Camilla pattern - so perfect for a glamorous dressing room and about $120.00 a roll.
She also has a great vintage George Nelson jewelry cabinet - about $1,400.00 - gives the space a nice touch of whimsy and character.
OK so here comes the 'this for that' part: Jenny, of Little Green Note Book - one of the super heroes of DIY interior design, found this great knock off of 'Asuka' at Sherwin Williams. FOR $21.00.
And look how great it looks up:
and as for the jewelry cabinet? check out this, ingenious, Ikea Hack:
I love the added bonus of the lined drawer and the compartments. Little surprises like this make everyone happy.
This piece was created using 3 Ikea Fira drawers, set atop the base of an Ikea Fornbro side table. Brilliance. Check out the makings of this terrific knock off, here.
So for now, I'm not building any grand, wallpapered, walk-in closets. I've got the walls and the windows to play with. Textiles, patterns and colors can go a long way.
I've got the painter coming at noon for a bid {is it time to bid farewell to the bold walls? } , I'm considering pulling down the Imperial Trellis for a calmer, Phillip Jeffries Grass Cloth and maybe {not totally decided on just yet} changing out the Clarence House drapes for possibly...a Linen print found at Calico Corners { ! } This for that, It's that time of year.


Lydia said…
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Love the neat and tidy Ikea drawers-such a clever way to organize jewelry-have a great day! Barbara
Ivy Lane said…
the wallpaper and jewelry "knock offs" are awesome!! The things you are planning for your own home sound wondeful..hope you'll give us a sneek peek now and then!
mary said…
Can't wait to see the results. New paint always seems to work miracles.
Unknown said…
Hmmm, wallpaper in the closet, it never would have occurred to me! Fabulous look, though, and I love those little jars for accessories, I keep mine in teacups!
As far as this or that is concerned I always end up liking the "that" better, personally when I'm working on a budget I always seem to come up with a more clever solution that ends up looking great! Love Jenny from the Little Green Notebook!
Marija said…
Terrific post! Love the idea of replacing your trellis with grasscloth and softer colors for the bold ones. Have fun! Marija
Mrs. Blandings said…
Can't wait to see what you come up with. I've had that paper in my files for years - you know, for the sitting room redo that never happens. At least you are in motion.
Helen said…
I have several of those little metal containers ... mine have magnets on the back and they sit on the side of my refrigerator ... holding paper clips and other bits of 'stuff.' I need to re-think how I use them. I am always looking/dreaming about selling/buying to satisfy my need to refresh/redo. For me ~ that's normal.
Karena said…
Megan you are the sleuth!! Great finds ...I love your "this for that!!"

Art by Karena
beachbungalow8 said…
HH: I love and admire neat drawers! I'm always trying, but with little girls always digging around in them, they quickly get disheveled

Ivy, Mary and Laurie: Once I get it all done, I'll for sure post on it. The painter is starting in a few weeks. I just found out that the grass cloth I REALLY want (from Quadrille not Jeffries) will take 6 weeks. so I may have to order some much cheaper version- I'll let you know how that goes.

Karena: I'm always pulling ideas that are out there from my more, ingenious blog colleagues. I'm not really one to originate the idea (I'm no Eddie Ross), but I'm good on 'borrowing'!

Helen: I wonder if you have a stainless steel fridge. I have to put anything I want to 'stick' on the side of mine, where, apparently there's metal. Great idea for storage, those little containers.
StylishBird said…
God I love that O&L wallpaper. If that were my dressing room I would probably spend all my time in there. I might even sleep in there. Alas, no one is giving up a room here either. :(
Lila said…
Awesome wall paper! I too have the spring cleaning, spring decor itch. Love it and hate it... in some cases that is!
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets
haha. LOVE the IKEA hack! That little owl sitting on top of it is great too. :)

Bre @
Becky said…
really love the jewelry stand hack -- nicely done. I wish I even had an ounce of extra space in my room to put something like this in a corner. As it is we have a couple of dining room chairs living in our bedroom b/c we have no place else to store them!
Zakary said…
I love the $21.00 wallpaper! You have a great eye, I'm sure whatever you come up will be fab.
that ikea hack is v. cool.

man, if only i could discipline myself to be that organised!

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