This week on the Skirted Round Table:: negativity in the design world

My daily list of blog reads is made up of several genres: mommy-creative blogs, indie design blogs, music blogs, fashion blogs and interior design blogs.
I may be completely naive, but quite honestly, I rarely see anything but supportive commenting in the former three. In fact, when I feel like the waters are getting too rough in the Interior Design Blog world, and the puff-puffery of breast feathers is getting too full, I like to read my Indie Design blog line-up for grounding. I always feel a gentleness and nurturing to the approach of creativity on those blogs. And with that comes the remind that, really, when it comes down to it, it's all self expression and creativity. Nobody is better, nobody is 'right'.
In the April issue of House Beautiful, Editor in Chief, Stephen Drucker addresses the negativity that seems to be prevalent in the Interior Design world. Linda, Joni and I all found this subject worthy of further discussion......and apparently so did many, many more of you. Have a listen here.


My Notting Hill said…
Had to smile when I saw the photos you selected of Nellie. I may be dating myself but clearly remember my best friend and I counting down the days to the episode when we had a feeling Nellie was finally going to get her due from Laura. (pushing the fake paralyzed Nellie down the hill in her wheel chair into the mud.) Thanks for this memory of a more innocent time. Michele
The dreaded Nellie...nowadays she would just be called a "mean" girl!
Hi Megan,
I love the skirted round table! Question:What are your Indie blogs. I am not well rounded as I only do interior and a couple of lifestyle/fashion blogs. Honestly these keep me way to glued to the computer! But I have to know! I want to know what I have been missing on the indie blogs. Thanks for the info.
Keep up the good work!
beachbungalow8 said…
Michel, We are both officially 'dated' I went as Laura for Halloween one year! and then entered myself into Dynamite magazine's, halloween costume contest. now THAT's dating myself!!

Nellie, would now just be called a Cad better known as "Anonymous".
beachbungalow8 said…
Karen, you are one of a few who asked me about 'indie design blogs' I think I'll do a quick post with some of my faves linked.

I totally made up the name for blogs that have a more Indie Chick vibe. A little more bohemian and art school than interior design school.
Razmataz said…
Ah, mean old Nellie, I remember her. I listened to the SRT and thought it quite insightful. I don't like comments to be all fluff or they lose authenticity and I certainly like a good debate, but like anything there has to be boundaries. Like remarks about appearance and your kids....thats stepping over the line.
Charlotta Ward said…
Yes it is quite a shock to find ol' Negative Nellie leave the Prarie to haunt the Cyber world.
I too need to ground myself at times and immediately retreat in the calm waters of the great friends I have met in the same playground.

Love the concept of 'grounding Indie blogs' - there should perhaps be an active 'blog rescue team' out there for this reason.. :) A friendly healing team that restore the energies around the web. How fabulous that would be! :)

I couldn't make the sound work in the link you sent, but will try again. It is a fascinating topic well worth discussing.

Love to you and the fam.

JP's Books said…
negativity schmegativity, tee hee. nobody likes a meanie.

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