Blog Out Loud 6::NYC>> wants YOU

Mark your calendars, Rebecca and I are taking Blog Out Loud to NYC (June 14th) we have an AMAZING panel of well known bloggers lined up and would love to invite all of you fabulous creative people, to contribute to the famous, Blog Out Loud SWAG bags.
Blog Out Loud is a great way to get your product in the hands of bloggers who, as we all know, love to talk up a good thing when they see it. In addition, your company will be included in all of the Blog Out Loud 6 material and website. what we're looking for:
50 single units of hand made (hello all of you etsians! ) or small items that best represent your company and would be a great give away. We've had everything from t-shirts to baked goods.
when we need it:
the deadline for receiving product is June 10th.
How to get it to us:
email me for shipping info.
for the rest of you....if you're in NYC and would like to join us, we'd love to see you! More info to come.....


Splenderosa said…
I don't know what I could do. I think this is a fab idea who's time is definitely here. As an artisan I already know via my blogging I will create a new way to market my jewelry. The whole world is upside down financially and blogging is making us little ones find a way to the market. xx's
dee said…
I need to hear more about this fiesta. Perhaps I'll tag along?! xx

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