it's black and white

byredo perfume. ( made from freshly squeezed, swedish gypsies )
the ghost camera
modern art + vintage camera love = white ceramic polaroid camera
chalk board globe.
Makes for a great parlor game. ( quick, name the 30 provinces in Iran. )
sylvia plath hot pads
cool graphic army blanket
white tank watch, for summer 'n stuff.


Mrs. Blandings said…
I can never get enough black and white. Love the globe.
Im am so curious about byredo, love the packaging!
Momdaw said…
Of course you know that Sylvia Plath killed herself head first into her gas oven.

These mitts look like what was needed to pull her out before it was too late.
72 and sunny said…
ya, I did know that. Sick isn't it.
Anonymous said…
This is MAGICAL. Thanks for culling some seriously awesome things for me to pine over. Adore that blankey, and military history loving husband would, too.

Carey @ C+C

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