Legends of La Cienega- Celebrate Hollywood, a sneak peek

Today the 20 participating, windows along the La Cienega corridor were unveiled to show the interpretations of popular Film and Television shows, as seen through some of the top Interior Decorators artistry . The window tour is just part of the Legends of La Cienega 2010, events that will take place over the next few days in Los Angeles' design quarter.
If you're in the area, this is such a great opportunity to sit in on any one, or more, of the huge roster of panel discussions that will be running throughout the days to come. Do the walking tour of the windows, pop in on a panel discussion, have lunch, enjoy the scenery - all free to the public. I encourage everyone to take advantage of this design kick-off to summer.
By the way, I'm told that many of the windows have special, lighting details that are best viewed in the evening.
A few of my favorites.....
The Fountainhead by Oliver Furth at Bausman & Co
(photo: Mark Savage)
Breakfast at Tiffany's by Richard Hallberg at Navona Antiques
(photo: Mark Savage)
The Art Director's Studio Dr. Zhivago by Dayna Lee at George Smith Handmade Furniture & Fabrics
Dr. Zhivago by Dayna Lee at George Smith Handmade Furniture & Fabrics
Grey Gardens by Kathleen Clements and Tommy Clements at Hollywood at Home & Peter Dunham Textiles
(photo: Mark Savage)
A Passage to India by Peter Dunham at Hollyhock
(photo: Mark Savage)
For more information and the schedule of events go to the LCDQ website.
see you there.....


Jennie Horn said…
Can't wait! Thank you for the peek!
vicki archer said…
These are fabulous Megan...xv
Kelle Dame said…
I love this! Thanks for sharing. My favorite has got to be the Breakfast at Tiffany's window. Next would be the art directors studio. So glad I stopped by!
Mabel and Zora said…
We wish we could go. Too many events this weekend. Enjoy. Thanks for the insight.
Paula Masterman said…
I loved trying to guess what movie it was representing, too. I think my fav is the nod to Breakfast at Tiffany's or maybe it's the Grey Gardens ~ Thanks for sharing this as I won't have a chance to see in person. Great find!
Unknown said…
Love the Grey Gardens set! Genius
Unknown said…
Oh these are so cool! I love the Art Director's Studio, thank you for taking us there!
one sydney road said…
Wow, this is so cool - wish I could see it. Thanks for sharing so I can live vicariously :) I just love your blog!!
Unknown said…
this is going to be such an amazing event! thanks for the sneak peek :) have a great weekend!

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