peace out

photo:: camille vivier


Karena said…
Have a great weekend Megan, wish me luck on my art event at The Kansas City Artists Coalition tonight. Wish you could be here!


Art by Karena
mary said…
Thanks for all of the reminders to "peace out"--I needed this one right now!
a lovely being said…
Hope you had a good weekend! I listened to back episodes of "the skirted roundtable" on a two-hour drive I took this friday --it made the drive go by so quickly! I'm so happy that you 3 do this. keep up the great work :)
What a beautiful image, Megan. And thanks for the Peace out, we can all use that reminder. xo Lidy
beachbungalow8 said…
Karena, I wish I could be there too!!! I should be back there this summer. Hopefully I can see your work in person.

Mary & french garden house- I'm glad you 'get it' these posts are my little way of saying, stop. breathe. and just take in the beauty that someone else has captured.

alb- thank YOU!! for listening in on our skirted round table discussion. we have so many AWESOME guests slated! Can't wait!

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