peace out

photo credit:: elizabeth weinberg
Happy weekend, to all. I'll be hosting yet another slumber party. We'll call this one, "12 x 12" Twelve, twelve year olds who better be asleep by 12:00
also, I have to give some big ups to my friends over at the online magazine, Nesting Newbies for getting out another fantastic issue. And I'm so super flattered that they asked me to be a part of this issue!


Kelle Dame said…
What a fun photo! Great shot! I feel like Im there. Thank you for sharing
Anonymous said…
btw, this is the most incredible photo. I've come back to look at it over and over. And not to shamelessly plug my godsister, but it has that different-types-of-motion going on all over like she captured in my favorite photo of hers

of a pool in Italy. I would kill to have a print of this.
happy weekend!
-Carey @ C+C
Twelve twelve-year-olds? I don't envy you ;-) At least not this weekend!
mary said…
Good luck with the 12 o'clock schedule. Watch out for the desire to go TP a house (a tip to the wise) Have fun and a great week-end.
red ticking said…
love this.. and maybe you can rest well on this beach on sunday... xx
Paula Masterman said…
Love your contribution to the Nesting magazine. Great color palette, too!
How was the slumber party? That's about 12 more 12 year olds than I can handle :)!
72 and sunny said…
photographer Elizabeth Weinberg is such a talent. I'm going to do a post on her this week. I love her work!

thanks Paula!

the 12 x 12 party was a success. I'm just glad I don't have to throw a slumber party for awhile....tired.

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