more cars

More great vintage car shots. This time with clever copy. From the flickr set, 'cars, trucks and others' , There was a time, way back when, when I started this blog, that every once in awhile, i just posted photos with little writing. My theory was that, sometimes, great imagery is all one needs for inspiration. Sort of like the glossy coffee table book, that you pick up and flip through every so often just to get ideas.
I kind of liked that. So to my purist, erudite, blogger friends who are far better writers than myself, I apologize, but I'm going back to that format. Just every once in awhile. Not because I have senioritus, but because sometimes a picture is worth a kajillion words. Plus, vintage cars sort of rock .


Anonymous said…
your blog is one of my top 3 - have to click every
single day to check out your pics and thoughts

lived in Pensacola for 15 years, so the beach thing is
near and dear to my heart, which is just broken now with tragic turn of events in the beautiful Gulf - am
wishing God would choose to perform a miracle and
clean it up .......

all best, from Judy in Texas
beachbungalow8 said…
Judy, we are all praying and keeping the gulf in our thoughts. what a disaster. It breaks my heart.

miracles for sure.

thanks for your blog support


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