tag sale heaven

I can only imagine that it was hobnail heaven and milk glass mayhem over at Eddie and Jaithan's place this past weekend. If you made it out to their country home, and got in on the goods, I'd love to hear all the great treasures you found. What could be better than a tag sale curated by these two? How much I would have loved to have gone.
Speaking of which, here's another 'tag sale' that sort of slipped by me back in 1995....
The Sothbey's hosted Ralph Lauren sale, auctioning off a lot of 443 American and European Antiques {some just 'vaguely old' } and fine art that was used by Ralph Lauren throughout his stores, showrooms, and advertisements.
All I could think of was my friend Tartanscot and how much he would have loved every bit of this {although I think he was doing the ski bum thing in '95}
"At the morning session, Mariette Himes Gomez, a New York interior designer who later bid $4,500 for an Italian Renaissance mantel, said: "A very small crowd. There are not a lot of people here because this is about style and not serious stuff." Just serious prices."


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