Thank you NEST interior design....

Seriously, I was so flattered when Designer Beth Dotolo, asked me to be a part of her ' Design Inspirations' post , regularly published on her awesome blog, NEST Interior Design. The list , alone, of those who have preceded me has me feeling honored to be a part.
And she's just so darn nice { plus she totally gets my love of Wilco }. I mean who doesn't get a bit misty when someone just randomly, reaches through the blogasphere and gives you a pat on the back. Hugs and Squeezes, Beth. And Thank you. You can read the interview **here**


La Maison Fou said…
Congrats Meghan, by the way I love the new look.
Kelle Dame said…
I just checked it out! Congratulations! I would be flying high for weeks! I love both of your blogs! Now I have another new blog on my favorite list!
robyn pope said…
Love this Megan, & great photo! so proud of you : ) have fun in NY, hi to the girlies : ) x0x0x
Sarah's Fab Day said…
Love the blog facelift, it looks great!
Nice article about you on Nest Megan! I added Nest as a "follow"!

Shiree Segerstrom
Catherine said…
Congratulations. That's great.

By the way I love the phone image you have used on your blog. Do you have any idea who the manufacturer is?
Susan Windsor Jones said…
Gorgeous picture!
Dumbwit Tellher said…
Congratulations Meghan & you should be bursting with pride. The blog world is a special, mystical place. Good (great) things can pop out of no-where. Great interview!!

Happy, gorgeous weekend to you ~ Deb
beachbungalow8 said…
thanks, thanks, and THANKS!

Beth's blog is really great I'm so hpapy to pass on her link.

with snark being so 2 years ago, (Even the word is tired)when someone does something nice and positive,
it's a great breath of fresh air and a reminder of the 'good' of blogging.
rikshaw design said…
You look amazing! Such a stunning shot of you!!
Beth Dotolo said…
Thanks again, Megan!! I loved having you on the blog... and loving all the positive comments! Your blog is one of my favorites and I'm honored that you we're a part of mine.
So wonderful! And, what an awesome picture of you!
hey megan, thanks for the cool mention! that's so kind of you!! blown away. great interview

hope you have a time at blog out loud too - that would be great to go to.

Splendid Willow said…
Megan, how wonderful! The interview and that stunning picture of you! Deserves to be on the cover of a chic magazine!

ox, Mon

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