disco balls pinatas @ confetti system, decoration designers

I want to spend my days in a studio that sits atop the only veterinary dermatology office in NYC
{ imagine }
I want to walk into a light filled space, and quietly get to work cutting and pasting silvery pieces of crepe paper and humming quietly to myself while creating disco ball pinatas and pastel garland.
Designers Julie Ho and Nick Andersen have created such a career with their design shop, Confetti System. Inspired by dime store finds and pinatas made in Asia,
the two collaborated their love of textiles, bright colors and found plastic trinkets to create beautifully made art that doubles as party decoration.
fringed party hat for Urban.
the above, was made as a party favor for pop magazine in honor of teen style blogger Tavi, to be worn in the hair of the gals and as a bow tie for the guys.
hi. dream job.


bink and boo said…
I am loving the garland in the second image.
Mrs. Blandings said…
Make sure you see the Man Shops Globe that is in Australia - I think it was the latest one (until tonight.) Talk about dream jobs - there are some artists that will really get you going.
I can almost hear the crackle of creativity in that studio!
krista said…
seriously. amazing. i love them.
Flotsam Friends said…
I do too. I want to work there and live there amongst all of that wild stuff!! I'm wondering where in NYC it is? I LOVE the store window!! What shop is it?? Sorry about the questions, even though I'm on the other side of the world, I did live in NYC for a time... Miss it so much, especially when I see things like this... Thanks for the post. Pruxxx
Those diamond shape pinatas are Grand!
Anonymous said…
The store is called Opening Ceremony. It was a display for Rodarte last May.

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