green envy

Remember this house? I found it over on a photographer, Gemma Coma's website. I was all over it. Everything about the house, from the actual architecture to the gilding of the forementioned lily. Well, crazy enough, the owner of the house saw HER house on this here bloggity blog and wrote me back to tell me so. Very exciting, ok and a little embarrassed since I hadn't take the time to find out to whom the home belonged - in order to give proper creds. But anyway, long story short, after we were done jumping up and down, clapping hands and squealing.
She offered to send me even more photos of this luscious slice of heaven pie. And here you go....the beautiful, green home of Charlie and Cynthia
The exterior shot, the kitchen, the office, the dining room, living room, and the wet bar is the product of 2+ years of renovation. My husband is a green architect (green and save) who did all the plans.
Our house is completely green, and we wanted to teach others that a you can be traditional/beautiful and eco-friendly - they are not mutually exclusive. The house we bought 7 years ago was a tiny ranch house that we compleletly renovated and lived in during construction - with a 4 month old baby! Yikes...."
Thank you for sharing your hard work and fantastic design work, Charlie and Cynthia!


Jenny at LGN said…
Oh WOW this is so good!! I love it all. Thanks for sharing, Megan!!
What a gorgeous home, and how great that it was done with 'green' in mind. It's so nice to see an eco-friendly home that looks as beautiful and appealing as any other traditional renovation. Great job! Love your blog by the way, and now your newest follower! K
a lovely being said…
these photos have me gasping-- gorgeous! and, is that not the exact same zebra wallpaper that is in the studio apartment of elizabeth bauer? the studio apartment that I am currently obsessed with? I love everything about this house.. so happy she sent you more pictures, and even happier that you posted them.
xx fallon
Cyn said…
Thank you again, Megan, for sharing our house with your readers! If you are ever in the Philadelphia area you have a place to stay!

Happy Summer,
Cynthia and Charlie
beachbungalow8 said…
a lovely being, that is the Rose Cummings 'Zebrine' wallpaper. I totally want that in a bathroom or a hallway.

Cyn, LOVE your house SO MUCH. You're a kindred design spirit. You love the textiles.
Ivy Lane said…
fabUlous! wow! the home, the DECOR! the...the bathroom!! the... all of it ... is fanTAStic!

Thanks for sharing!
man, that is good. Love the double height family/kitchen. high on my reno wish list!
Dumbwit Tellher said…
Everything to love and nothing to not. From the green practices, lovely architecture, and great colors and wallpaper. My favorite has to be the bicycle with the butterfly net in tow. Really lovely and so pleased to see more photos and read more. Thank you to Cynthia & Charlie and you of course Megan.
beachbungalow8 said…
J@-I know that vaulted ceiling is pretty rad.

DT, I think that's a LAX stick- not a butterfly net.
cotedetexas said…
so, why don't you just take down the trellis and put up the rose wallpaper???? hehe
cotedetexas said…
beautiful!!! what a lucky thing they read your blog!!!
mary said…
Yes, it is a great house--love the feel of it. With that crisp blue sky and green grass, it must be on the East Coast--sigh.
Stephanie said…
Beautiful home!! I absolutely love her splashes of color! I am a fan of your blog as well - thanks for sharing :)
beautiful, green design! Thanks for sharing.
Paula Masterman said…
I'm tickled to see green architecture get this kind of great exposure ~ thanks Megan for helping spread the word that going green means style, too! Great job Cynthia and Charlie ~ beautiful talent there ~ renovation with a little baby? Wow! That's courage! :)
Lovely. And I doubt I'd ever want to leave that gorgeous bathroom.
absolutely gorgeous. that blue zebra i am lusting! :) great post. xoxo
Pinky said…
YUMMY!!! Love this! WE ahve friends who are planning to build a GREEN home as well. I will send this to her! Thanks!
TANYA said…
I'm sorry I'll probably disappoint you all, but the only things I like in this house are the little white bedroom with just a little flowery touch in the curtains with the adjoining white bathroom and the outside of the house. All the other rooms may be green, but the colours are clashing and in my opinion as an Italian, a real eyesore. The dining room with the round table, on the contrary, is so colourless as to result cold and sad.

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