I snuck out of town for a few days, leaving you all to ponder the concept of the value of , $700.00 blanket that's worth every last krona.
I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Palm Springs, with my youngest's Brownie Troop. Unlike my brief adventures in girl scouting, that included camping in an old barn and playing 'levitation' at night, 'round these here parts, if you sell enough Trefoils and ThinMints, you end up in a large gated, private home with a pool and tennis court. Way to go L.A.!
'sunbathing' by let's explode
It was very nice but there's a reason that June isn't "high season" in the desert { hi, 113 degrees. }
having nothing to do with anything,
I found this photo that's been living in a pocket of my purse for the last 3 months. The super cool cafeteria table from Summer House in Mill Valley, CA { hands down one of my top 3 places to shop ever and where I bought my bed } has been on my wish list for so long.
this one's from get back inc.
this one is by far the least expensive I've found, over at hudson goods
I just have no place to use it.
Actually, in my fantasy urban, industrial warehouse loft, it would be perfect.


Marcie said…

Amazing pictures. I just love the first one. Your blog is great. I am so glad I found it.

xo Marcie
Fargerike Dagny said…
I need that polaroid! Where can I get it??

Mrs. Blandings said…
Doubly good because you wouldn't have to say, "Push in your chair."
Richie Designs said…
yes, I've seen those benches at the antique markets and thought the same thing...

must have! oh wait...what to do with it?
Simple Home said…
I just found your blog, and your header caught my eye. I grew up hanging out at Manhattan Beach pier. That Calvin Klein model graduated from high school with my husband. He graduated from Aviation HS, which was closed in the 80's. I'll be back, it's like going home :-)
My Notting Hill said…
Love these tables - think they would be great fit in a vacation house too.

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