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note:: the floors are still dark brown. The fear of dirty looking floors has put this one to rest for now. Also, check out that, orange bag from French Basketeer.
This is the fore mentioned, bus roll that I picked up at the Redondo Beach Antiques Fair on Saturday. While, I'm sort of tired of seeing vintage bus rolls hanging in every, urban hip soho loft interior shot for the past several years, I still can't get past the intial appeal they had for me. I love a good bit of graphic, typography on vintage signage.
poor quality shot. unrealized, until now.
This one spoke to me especially because it's not the, ubiquitous, 8 foot long size and because it's banged up and faded - or "ghosty" as the dealer referred to its patina. A little research and I found that these are the stops along the main road of a town in West Yorkshire England with one of the stops being a cricket and rugby field. I like knowing this is where it originated.
Dewayne, the dealer, told me that he had one that announced, 'Mystery Drive' which referred to a practice held on Sundays where the rider would climb aboard, leaving the destination- leisurely drive into the bucolic country side- to the driver.
Nick's Walk With Sally event was an enormous success { thank you for all of your encouraging messages and well wishes } The bit of rain we had didn't dampen a single spirit and we all turned out in our finest whites and wilted hair {or in my case, enlarged hair}. Generous amounts of money were raised for this incredible cause and everyone had a blast, ending the evening with dancing at 12 + highland with a feeding frenzy of garlic fries at 2 a.m.
Photo Booth Love graciously donated their services to this year's Walk With Sally event and it was a huge success. We so appreciate Jeremy + Danni { Oh, Hello Friend } for helping make the event so great with the added pics. Who doesn't love a photobooth?
"One non-blonde"


Linda Merrill said…
Love it, looks great! And the photobooth looks fun, a friend who's getting married in October is renting one of those for the reception.
Concrete Jungle said…
The dining area looks great with the bus should have been mine with Chapel lane on it ...being my last name hehehe..luckily no walls left in my house! I wish I was a computer whiz I'd love to photoshop light floors in just to see what the area would look like.
Anonymous said…
Ok, I so love that little room. And the dark floors too.
S. Wheat
Emma said…
Crazy horses.
That bus roll is from a place about 20 mins from where I live.
I wonder what number bus it was?
Aimless Olive said…
you're livin' a rich & full life...full of beauty, good grooves, and fabulous people! CHEERS!!! :)
72 and sunny said…
those photo booths are SO FUN! as you can tell.

Thanks Sally!! I debated changing my wall color to gray. I love the subtle calm palette in your home but I can't seem to pull it off!

Em that's bananas. What I know is that the family who manufactured these signs, still lives in Clayton and has an entire warehouse of these rolled up.

Aimless, thank you for reminding me. Day to day I think we all get so wrapped up in our lives, we forget to step back and take stock in all that we're given. It's good to get an outside perspective.


The sign looks great in your kitchen! Congrats on the walk and great fundraising. Forgot about photo much fun and a great excuse to be silly!!!
Unknown said…
That sign and that whole room actually...amazing! As to the photo booth, looks like the best time!
Style Court said…

I still like them too and I agree, yours isn't so ubiquitous. Love the faded quality. Love the juxtaposition with the Imp Trel.
Style Court said…
Oh and great news about the successful WWT!

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