it's just a hotel in capri

the JK place. designed by architect michele bonan shh. no talking. just drink it in.
if you need more info go *here*


Michael Wurm Jr said…
that purple/periwinkle wall color in that one photo is fantastic! and those pots... they are freakin' huge!
gorgeous! Another reason to go to Capri :)
rikshaw design said…
those purple wingbacks are insane!!!!!!ohh la la i would like ot check in to this one for sure!
mary said…
How could I ever again be happy living anywhere else than at the JK? This is definitely heaven.
Karena said…
Megan this is just stunning!! I thought I stayed at a beautifully elegant hotel last weekend! Come and take a look!

This is a Wow and in Capri no less!

Art by Karena
beachbungalow8 said…
Michael, *laughing*, oh my god they're HUGE. That's what I was thinking!

Rikshaw, seriously, are those not so beautiful? I need to track down that fabric! How great would those look in a room using your fabrics?
LiveLikeYou said…
ahhhh that's gorgeous!! Capri is one of my favorite places in the world to visit. Looks like now I'll have a favorite place to stay!!So glad to see this post!
Michelle said…
So beautiful...and it! I was google earthing Capri the other a cliff face out of the sea...unbelieveable!

Have a great week Megan,

My Notting Hill said…
This is my dream hotel that I've wanted to go to for years! My favorite is the blue and white drawing room. When I contacted Patricia of PVE to do my logo I sent her this room as one of my inspiration images.
Mabel and Zora said…
My bags are packed and ready to go.
Anonymous said…
the yellow shutters are so pretty and fresh!

miss you!

jaithan + eddie
Let's start with the view, I'm sold with just that! But I also like the contrast of the hardwood flooring and molding, with the vibrant colors, like yellow and blue. I need a vacation, and now I can dream about this place ;) Thanks for sharing!

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