peace out

If you're hot, stay cool. If you live here, at the beach, pray for sun. I gots lots to do this weekends and most of that includes lying in the prone position on the beach.
but more importantly here are the randomly selected winner, winners of the, 'Cassis de Cassis' candle give away {generously provided by West Third Brand} ::
Lee Nicholson
Allison Mills
Cynthia Cowles
Thanks for all of the great comments. I have some great giveaways coming up - so stay tuned.


mary said…
I know that sun at the beach is wonderful. But sun at the beach means 85*--95* inland: so I hope you get some sun at the beach (after about 1:30) and that we get June gloom until about 1 (which will keep our temps manageable). Have a wonderful week-end.
Joie de Viv said…
Me too! I feel like SoCal (or at least along the OC coast) is missing out on Summer! It's overcast and in the 70s still! Though I'll be in Pasadena all weekend - it might be crazy hot there. Have a great weekend Megan!

xx Vivian @
Allison said…
I feel so lucky! Thanks Megan! Have a wonderful time in the *SUN* this weekend. I'll be doing the same thing at the lake!
Still waiting for the Sunshine here in san Diego! Where is our summer?? :-(
Simple Home said…
We've got sun here, every day :-) It was hot down there too when we went to a wedding on The Queen Mary last weekend. It sounds like it's cooled down some now. Living here, I miss the overcast weather :-) I do remember years of laying on the beach in the sun though. I love that beach bike photo. I'll bet the strand is crowded :-)
Oh, a lovely way to start the weekend. Thanks Megan. I will be floating on a raft all weekend, its hot, hot, hot in coastal Georgia.

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