a summer in maine

My friend posted this on her fb page today:
which reminded me that I had just run across some ridiculously gorgeous and thoughtful photos over here (by jonathan levitt)
making me miss my friend, the east coast and $14.00 lobster rolls.
which reminded me how much i've always loved the words and the illustrations of this....


Caroline said…
Those photos are BEAUTIFUL!!
Simple Home said…
Beautiful images! Thanks for sharing.
Concrete Jungle said…
Well if you are actually painting your floors you will REALLY be missing the East Coast summer! Wonderful pictures you want to step into! Thank you.
Mona Kay Gorman said…
I love lobster rolls! I have them with my friend from Rhode Island. Love the pictures!
Karena said…
Megan, truly great images!! I can dream about being there tongiht!

Art by Karena
Notbeforecoffee said…
I love those pictures...I lived on the east coast my whole life, and just recently moved to california for school. Those photos are great reminders of how gorgeous the east coast is.

PS. This totally counts as "tomorrow." :)
It's all so timeless. Remote, rustic, and timeless. And Jonathan Levitt sure has a talent in capturing that.
Laurie Grassi said…
I have been dreaming about lobster dinners since Friday, when I had lunch with a friend and she was talking about her holidays in P.E.I....can't get them out of my mind!! :) Laurie
My girlfriend just posted a picture from Boston with lobsters for $7.99 at a road side stand. UHHHHH! So jealous....the things you miss. Those rolls look delish!
mary said…
Yes, I'm definitely missing the East Coast these days. Beautiful nostalgic photos. Thanks.Mary

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