swimming with camels

I've out of town guests in this weekend for Nick's annual Walk With Sally fundraiser if you're not familiar with the non-profit that my husband started, check it out. { This guy's set with the lifetime supply of good karma return } I'm going to post this quickly and be off to the airport for round one of pick ups.
I had to share with you this touching photo that's been sitting on my desktop.
"How do you say farewell to camels that have crossed a desert with you? I found no right way except to take them for one last swim in the ocean before leaving them...."
Australian writer, Robyn Davidson, best known for her book Tracks, about a 1,700-mile trek across the deserts of west Australia using camels. With no intention of having the journey published, but eventually agreed to do so for National Geographic. The article was published in 1978. Earning so much interest she later published the book, Tracks.
Photographer, Rick Smolan, also published a book on the journey, From Alice To Ocean, containing beautiful photos of these sweet animals, swimming in sea.


La Maison Fou said…
Great visual, love this one.
Who knew they were aquatic!

ZDub said…
That is an awesome photo.

And you husband and that non-profit? No words.

Oh my goodness, what a tremendous organization you have built...how many lives you are touching....I could go on and on. I will email you; is it too late to make a donation to the silent auction?
My Notting Hill said…
Beautiful gesture and photo. I had a mixed experience riding a camel in Morocco when I was 10. This photo makes me rethink that. Hope all goes well with the event.
God, what a metaphor. What an amazingly perfect metaphor.

i wish every child dealing with cancer had the opportunity to walk with sally... what an amazing cause. hope the event is a great success!
Gramercy Home said…
What a sweet picture. Thank you for sharing. I was not familiar with that story. Walk with Sally is an incredible inspiration. I hope the event goes smashingly!
Jenny C. said…

I read "Tracks" about 17 years ago and was completely enthralled by the story. Thanks for reminding me of her journey. It was so much more than a trek across the outback.
freefalling said…
I remember reading this article as a child and was instantly struck by this image.
I've never forgotten it.
How nice to be reminded of it again, all these years later.

(and-coincidentally, in sept, for the first time in my life, I will travel along that very coastline - i can't wait!)
Crazy eights!..that looks light a wild date.

Ivy Lane said…
that camel looks so happy to get a swim in!! great photo.. going to check out "Tracks" for sure... your Husband's organization is amazing.. Best wishes for a great turn out this weekend!!!! I am sure it will be a success!
Peggy and Fritz said…
Awesome photo! I'm sharing this with Blake - he use to live in Saudi and has ridden a camel or two in his lifetime. I'm sure he will appreciate this one. GREAT moment! Ann
mary said…
Gratitude....beautiful. Thank you for brightening my morning.
how ironic... My lifelong bff (a hemotologist/oncologist) just left for a 4 month medical mission to Haiti yesterday. And I come across this today while moping. What a inspiring organization-kudos to your hubs. Blog's pretty wonderful too.
Unknown said…
that is the sweetest thing i've heard all day! what a darling photo as well. i hope your husband's fundraiser was a tremendous success — hats off to both of you!

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