This place becomes a red, white and blue frat party on the 4th. And by this I mean, public debauchery gets cranked up to an all time high; the bridge and tunnel folk descend upon our little beach town and house parties spill out onto the walk streets and beach. In the midst of the chaotic miasma, my friend and neighbor, Ann, never fails to create sophisticated and beautifully art directed parties.
Her home, vintage and just steps to the beach is everything a beach house should be ,complete with a front porch and a picket fenced front yard filled with hot pink flowers.
Look at this great vintage bar cart she found at the Long Beach Flea for $15.00. total score:
Interesting trivia, the outside of the house was used for 'Weeds'. This shot was taken about 2 years ago. I found it on Flickr. Now the garden has matured and is, Flora-Abundance.
Ann also has a terrific blog, which she's always downplaying by saying, 'Oh it's really just for my friends and me'. But I'm outing her here.
It's filled with creative ideas and recipes.
If you have chance, stop by Peggy & Fritz


Those photographs are such perfect examples of pure America!
Natalie said…
I must have that beverage cart in my liiiiife.
Rusted Wood said…
4th of July<3
Karena said…
Partying on the 4th in your neighborhood has got to be so much fun Megan!!

Art by Karena
mary said…
Simplicity = elegance. Beautiful. Thanks for reminding me that things do not need to be over-the-top to be perfect. Mary
Abby said…
That little bar cart is amazing! What a great find!
Adorable bar cart...I'd much rather be @ Ann's party than the "frat party", hope you had a great weekend!
Christi said…
so so true about our little beach town ... and now this crazy rain? please come july weather, please come!
Meg said…
I love her table. And her barcart. And her style. I stalked these pics on your fb and was having major 4th of july envy. And major 'effortless chic/style' envy. I thought they were your house. Amazing! Next year I'm coming to the beach to street party it up.
Looks like a party! love that bar cart...

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