There's something, inherently bad-ass about a man of the sea (and yes, because I'm still 12, I can't bring myself to write that the other way around ). The image of a burly sailor, throwing a fishing net over the side of a ship in a winter storm. Huge, black waves crashing up and over the side - Pea Coats + watch caps + scruffy unshaven beards. All of it = manly man hotness.
Very, Jane hotel - back in the day.
The line CXXVI Clothing seems influenced by this very lifestyle, while adding a touch of artistry - making it one of my favorite guy shopping stops these days.
Actually I'd wear or carry any of this.
Each piece is hand silk screened, dyed and numbered. And very reasonably priced.


Great stuff. I love the little nail clippers.
ahaha you made me laugh with this one!

very badass ;-)
Sarah's Fab Day said…
These are super cool. I know they're mens but I think that one of those tees might just fit me.
so fun! I love the shirts, and the tote.
Unknown said…
I'm with you. I freakin' love all of it. I especially love the tote!
72 and sunny said…
I'm totally ordering one of these Tees.
I love the whole vibe and handmade treatment.
Carmel's Closet said…
I'm married to a sailor, who is definitely a manly man. This shop stocks great stuff!
Have a lovely weekend.
martha brown said…
Just love these, um, man of the sea clothes. I'm a teacher and I can't keep a straight face when I say "uranus" or "regina".

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