just for kicks.

cute boy wear. Paul Smith, 'Cloud'
The Duffer of St George, 'The Westway'
and while we're at it, can somebody bring back guys wearing penny loafers sans the socks?
that's all.


I think I need a pair of those...oh and I'm with you on the socks thing :S
StylishBird said…
The colorful ribbon detail on the back is too cute!
Mrs. Blandings said…
Boy ware, nothin' - I want 'em for myself.
72 and sunny said…
oh I know, POD, they're totally awesome. I want them too. but really, boys don't wear the penny loafers out here. I miss that.
mary said…
Didn't girls wear penny loafers without socks, too? Is there some place where one can send their penny loafers to get broken in (since were bringing them back)? Fun post for the beginning of the end of summer.
Aimless Olive said…
LOVE guys in the penny loafers, sans socks. oh, and how about sockless in a pair of nubuck oxfords...it's like an aphrodisiac!
sorry...I digress. :)
Aimless Olive said…
ps. how's the chest coming along...?
Anonymous said…
Loafers sans socks? Come to Saratoga Springs during track season. We call it "The Uniform" of tourists. Pink Polo shirt, khaki shorts (that are always a bit shorter than they should be) and loafers-no-socks.
Lisa Porter said…

Thanks to you my kids
have cute shoes.

No really, I'm not kidding.
Taylor mentioned to me
once that "Megan at the beach knows about cute shoes.
Go look at her blog mom."
Oh, ok Taylor.

Well, she's right!
Thank God woman
that you do these posts.

There is not a decent shoe
in Lexington that I would
want my 16 year old son wearing....really.
This is the son
who at age 5
wore loafers
sans socks with
his elastic waist jeans
from GAP waaaay before
he even knew it was cool.
He will go for the Duffers!
Very fun.

Going to website and zappos.
Thanks a million Megan at the beach!


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