perfect beach house textiles

with all of their beachy, sun faded, fruit stripe gum colored palettes, these textile inspirations have had my wheels turning all week....
Kathryn Ireland's new line would be such a refreshing approach for a beach house, grand or diminutive:
and while we're at it, the rugs at Loom would be the perfect under footing paired, with any of these fabrics:


24 Corners said…
Great patterns and colors...I especially loved the first picture. As you said, "refreshing"!
Thanks! J~
dana said…
i really like these colors. its funny that the room photos don't seem to match up with the swatches until you go back and look closely.
LOVE these! Of course, being a color girl, I would use them anywhere!
Halie said…
So laid back and chic. All that's missing is a Margarita! Loved the interiors you've shown here!
24 Corners said…
Oops, I meant the first "room"...although the fabric picture is great too. J~
Gramercy Home said…
Absolutely. I am particularly drawn to that first striped rug. The colors are dreamy!
These fabrics are a lot of fun, love the vibrant tones and sweet patterns. The rugs are also divine!
Thanks for sharing :)

Karena said…
Seeing images like these is like being a kid in a candy store. Love it all!! Have a great weekend Megan!

Art by Karena
Anonymous said…


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