Sandra Foster found this, Victorian, 9 x 10 foot hunting shack just across the creek from where she and her husband reside in the Catskills.
And renovated it into her very own, tiny, shabby chic gone wild, playhouse. She replaced the tree trunks that had been used to hold up the roof and added a front porch.
The door, with it's original paint, swings out over a step made from salvaged wood {found in that thar crik} and used as a tool drawer - which is a very cool idea. Also pictured: those awesome pink boots, she likes to stomp around in.
It's wonderfully sugary, sticky, romantic and sort of *strange- all at once.
The posthumous tears of Victoria Magazine are raining with longing, upon this little cream puff.
Photo Credit: Trevor Tondro for The New York Times
* see the comments section for this
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I have to tell you that when I read this article, the one thought I had was that this gal married the wrong guy.
Gramercy Home said…
It's like having your own fort in the grown up world. Love it!
72 and sunny said…
Oh man, I thought the EXACT thing. I was trying to figure out a way to delicately put it w/o causing everyone to jump on my ass.
She's created a total escape from trailer park guy. He can't even get up to the bed for chrissakes.
Gramercy Home said…
Too funny! I thought it was a bit off when I first read the story too...At least she has a fun design sense for her "escape."
wiow...im speeachless to see the photographs =)
very classic/vintage look...wow!
thanks for sharing, i love every shot!
*thumbs up*
heather-Leigh said…
Love this! What girl doesnt want to escape to the forest in style? If you like this, you'd like my blog.
Read me at: http://passionpod.wordpress.com. Passion Pod: Inspirational findings, photos, raw/vegan recipes, musings, and much more – all with an environmentally conscious focus. Enjoy...
The playhouse looks mysterious and cozy.

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