Farrow + Ball gives us new reasons to paper that wall

"Acanthus"- my favorite
I don't think its anyone's secret that we bloggers get tons of emails from all kinds of manufacturers letting us know of their newest product lines. It comes to a point where you have to be judicious about what you choose to post , so as not to become a revolving, gratis PR factory. My general rule is that if I wouldn't use it or don't love it, I pass on it. Farrow + Ball , whom I'm lucky enough to be on their "newly released emailing list", has a new line of wall papers, that I'm absolutely so, in-to.'The Baroque Papers' collection.
"Versailles" - done two ways. Here and below
The papers, carry on F+B reputation of extremely high color quality, using pigments that are so rich and built with so many color components, that depending on the light, the rich saturation alters just a bit. The clear handwork in the printing, again, shows the integrity of the quality that makes them one of the leading paint manufacturers.
Investing in a product of this level of production (no jokes about going ba-roke please), becomes well worth it when it becomes part of your home (coming from someone living with Imperial Trellis - I know this first hand- quality is worth every penny ) You're buying art that has been touched by skilled artisans, hand blocking each yard. And they're environmentally friendly too. bonus. What I love is that while a few other bloggers have also posted about this, we've each found the design that fits our, aesthetic personality the best. Check out which of these new designs my friend, "Mrs. Blandings", has chosen. She of graceful elegance, is a contrast to my, 'need for speed' in the way of color. There's something for all of us, here.
F + B
you're on a roll ( ya, I said that )


La Maison Fou said…
This was definately worth passing on!
Mrs. Blandings said…
You'd think the yellow and white would be my favorite, but nope. That blue and black is knock out.
That soft red "Acanthus" has very old Aloha feel.

Leigh Chandler said…
I also love the Acanthus! I'll have to check out all of the different colors it comes in. I just love this innovative company!
These would be so great for a feature wall. The benefit of them coming from a paint company is getting an exact match of one of the colors for use on the other walls! Go Farrow & Ball!
TupeloLove said…
Wow, those prints are breathtaking! I love them all, but the yellow is my fave. Just found your blog, love it!
Thanks for the intro; hmmm 78 pounds sterling for a 10 metre roll. I am adding this to my short list as I agonize over bedroom wallpaper...
Lisa Mackay said…
Wow, that soft yellow paper with the bold yellow trim - LOVELY!
La Boheme said…
What a yummy looking selection! Thanks for sharing.
So gorgeous! Definitely more "wall art" than "wallpaper"! I am so impressed!
Mabel and Zora said…
We love the yellow print wallpaper.
love, love, love! the yellow and white floral is stunning.

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