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ah. this week has been a week of the trial and tribulations of 'mama love'. momming = the good, the bad and the ugly. You moms know what I'm talking about. Back to school is no easy trip. But, dammit, we soldier through it. With the help of our friends it makes it somewhat easier. 'Thank You'- you know who you are, my dear friends on whom I've called upon for advice and a shoulder lean on. I love you guys. The laid back, no schedule life, is over for a bit. Regime + Rules...see ya...I'll be hanging at the beach bungalow.
AND....going forward. I'm very excited to be a part of several up coming events here in L.A. the first of which is the Kravet's Social Media panel which will take place in So Cal 2 days next week. So mark your calendars, I would love to meet you and speak with you about all things Social Media!
Tuesday, September 14th Laguna Design Center @ 10:30 AM
23811 Aliso Creek Road
Suite 156
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 Wednesday, September 15th LA Mart @ 4:00 PM 1933 S. Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90007
Also- mark your calendars for a tweet out loud event beginning at 5PM PST this Sunday 9/12 on twitter with the fabulous girls from RUE. hash tag, # blogoutloud to get in on the convo. your thoughts count! What?? you don't tweet? my friend, this is the perfect introduction. Sign up, add #blogoutloud to your search and join the convo. all the kids are doing it.


mary said…
Yes, that first week of school (or any adventure is super stressful)--but The Tao states (paraphrase) "All movement is towards perfection"--with that in mind, there can be no missteps or fatal errors, only growth.
Sounds like September is busy..I'm going to try to make the LA Mart event. Have a super week-end.
Claire said…
One of my friends would take her watch off on the last day of school and not put it on again until her children's first day of school in the fall. I always hated to see that watch go back on her wrist!!!
Erica Cook said…
Just found your blog. I agree on the whole schedule shift thing. I have 5 boys, the eldest 4 are back at school and I have no clue what to do with myself.
Great blog. :) xo Erica
I totally get the whole back to school thing. My youngest just started high school...so obviously it doesn't matter how old they get it's still the same thing. I love summer and having no where you have to be.
Unknown said…
I will be "swinging by" on Sunday evening to join in. Looking forward to it!
damn!! i really wanted to hit that panel next tuesday since it's kinda down in my hood.
sorry to miss.
You write the best blog posts. It is so nicely written yet so whitty and make me chuckle a little:)
Being a mom must be one of the hardest yet most rewarding things in life.I am sure you are an amazing momma!! :)
Love the photo of the beautiful horses! Where can I find it- It's divine!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Edyta :)
Miss the days when my kids were little and we were frantically preparing for the "going back to school"Ne it is going to College, my son left the East Coast for LA...can't say I blame him.... Twittinig...Ijust can't go into it...between the wbsite update, 1sr dibs update, blogging, emails...
Beautiful photograph of the horses.

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